Security Guard Service (ZKS), General Provisions

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Security Guard Service (ZKS), General Provisions
Security Guard Service (ZKS), General Provisions

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General Provisions

1. The minimum age allowed is 18 months.

2. The following skills are tested in the security guard service:

sampling someone else's belongings;

protection of things refusal of feed (checked simultaneously);

detention, protection of the trainer and attitude to the shot (checked simultaneously).

Skills execution description

1. Sampling someone else's thing

Team "Sniff!", "Search!" and hand gesture.

The selection of someone else's thing is made from four objects, which can be of any material (except glass, metal, stone) that does not have a sharp independent smell.

The smell is applied to objects for at least one minute. Items are laid out on an area of ​​2 x 2 m in any order at a distance of at least 30 cm from one another.

The fifth item for smelling is placed at a distance of 3 m on either side of the unfolded items.

A trainer with a dog is called to the sampling site. After the report on the readiness for testing, the trainer, at the direction of the judge, approaches the assigned object and lets the dog smell it. Any method of smelling. Command the dog "Sniff!"

After the dog has sniffed the object, the trainer, remaining in place, with the command "Sniff!" or "Search!" and with a guiding gesture sends the dog to the sample.

The dog must, at the first command of the trainer, approach the objects, sniff them and select the object with the desired smell, then bring it to the trainer and at the command "Give!" hand over to the trainer. Walking around and landing at the foot is optional. Repeated commands are allowed only when the dog is distracted from the selection (moving away from the location of objects, sniffing at foreign objects, etc.).

If the dog has chosen an object, but does not bring it to the trainer, then the command "Come to me!" Is allowed. In case the dog clearly indicated, but did not bring the selected item, the trainer reports "Reception is over" and indicates the selected item.

Two starts are allowed, each time 2 minutes. If, after the time of the first start, the dog has not chosen the desired object, the trainer calls it to him (command "Come to me!"), Gives the second time to sniff the object and sends the dog to the second start. Before the second start, the judges must update the smell. The incorrectly chosen item is replaced by a new one with a different smell. On the second start, errors from the previous start are not taken into account.

The skill is considered unfulfilled if the dog incorrectly indicates the object at the second start, if the object is not marked after 2 minutes. on the second start, if the trainer by his actions leads the dog to the desired object.

2. Protection of things and refusal to feed

Commands "Lie!" and "Protect!"

To guard things, the dog is tied to a chain or strong leash 2-2.5 m long to a stake or local object (tree, fence, post, etc.).

Previously, a sector with an angle at the base (tie point) of 130-150 degrees should be indicated in the protection zone. The radius of the sector is equal to the length of the leash.

At the direction of the judge, the trainer with the command "Lie down!" lays down the dog on a sagging leash, puts his thing (any) at its shoulder or forepaws, gives the command "Protect!", moves back and hides in a shelter located at least 10 m.

If the dog, after leaving, but before the start of the skill check, moves away from the thing to the side of the shelter, then at the direction of the judge, the trainer must return and put the dog back to guard. The handler is not allowed to control the dog from behind cover.

Two assistants, moving side by side, twice pass by the dog at a distance of 1.5-2 m from the sector boundary, without attracting its attention and without trying to take the thing. Then they approach the dog and from different sides, toss it a piece of treats, being in its field of vision, and at the same time try to take the thing. After that, one of them makes two or three threatening hand swings and retreats to the border of the sector, without making any active actions, while the other makes an attempt to take the thing.

The dog must guard the thing, not show aggression towards the quietly passing helpers, not move away from the thing, not flap or carry it to another place, not keep it in its teeth, not show a passive-defensive reaction and not take food.

The skill is considered unfulfilled if one of the assistants picks up the item or, before the start of the skill check, the dog was three times distracted (with moving away from the item) in the direction of the trainer's departure, as well as if it took food into its mouth.

3. Protection of the trainer, arrest of the offender and attitude to the shot

The maximum number of points is 20.

The trainer starts the exercise 15 m from the cover.

The handler gives the dog the command "Near" and moves with it towards the shelter. Before reaching the shelter of 1.5-2 m, the trainer stops and, after the dog has landed, invites the assistant to leave the shelter.

Moving away from the shelter by 3-4 m, the assistant stops and turns to face the trainer. The latter, having given the command to the dog "Sit", "Guard", searches the assistant and hides into the shelter (the structure of the shelter should allow the trainer to observe the dog).

The dog should watch the helper alertly and without distraction.

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