Keeping A Dog Around The Items Indicated To It

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Keeping A Dog Around The Items Indicated To It
Keeping A Dog Around The Items Indicated To It

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The desired results in this regard can be achieved by teaching the dog the following: it must be able, at the command of its owner: 1) to sit down: 2) to lie down, 3) to wait for him at the indicated place, and finally, 4) to guard the objects entrusted to her observation, not allowing any stranger take them. The procedure for teaching a dog to watch should be carried out strictly in this sequence.

Putting the collar on the dog, try to convince him what exactly she should do on the command "Sit". At first, of course, she will not understand you, therefore, with your left hand, pull her up by the collar, not allowing her to lower her head and bend her front paws; at the same time, press the croup with your right hand so that it sits on the floor, and continually repeat the order to her: "Sit, sit." This exercise is repeated until the dog has mastered it perfectly.

Then teach the execution of the command "Lie down", for which, pressing with your left hand on the back of the dog between the shoulder blades, take it by the front paws with your right hand and pull them forward so that it lies on the belly. At the same time, it is imperative to order in words so that the dog knows at which command it should lie down. When the dog is lying down, following the order to lie down, it should not extend its hind legs to the side.

Belgian Shepherd grabbed the helper by the sleeve, photo photo of the dog
Belgian Shepherd grabbed the helper by the sleeve, photo photo of the dog

Over time, she must obey the command "Lie" at the word, without a leash, and you only raise your hand up and pronounce the order.

Further, it will be useful to teach the dog to crawl forward - on the belly, without separating from the ground.

To teach this exercise, screw a metal ring into the floor (it should be in front of the dog); order the dog to lie on its belly, "Lie down", pull a long rope through this ring, tied to the collar and take the free end of it towards you, standing behind the dog. On the order: "Lie-forward" or "Kush-forward" pull slightly on the rope, making sure that the dog does not stand up, but crawls forward.

To raise the dog from a lying or sitting position, give the command "Stand" and show with a gesture what you want from it; the collar can be pulled upwards.

Each dog must learn to stay where it is indicated, waiting for permission to get up and follow where you lead it. The last exercise is of great importance for hunting dogs, as well as for urban dogs who have to wait for their owner near shops or entrances. Training takes place first in the room. A dog that has mastered the two previous exercises well (Sitting and Lying) will soon be able to do this without difficulty. First, the owner remains in the same room where he ordered the dog to sit or lie down and if it tries to get up without permission, stops it with the order: “Sit” or “Lie down”, pointing with his finger to the previous place to which it should return.

Little by little, direct observation of the dog should be reduced, but only in appearance, for example, by ordering it to sit down, you retire to the next room without closing the door, and follow the dog from afar. Then look after having closed the doors through the keyhole and in case of violation of the order given to the dog, enter and punish it. By doing such experiments, you will gradually convince the dog that it is obliged to do the will of its owner even during his absence. Further, it is necessary to complicate this exercise by the fact that strangers will try to seduce the student with a delicacy or invite him to their place. At the same time, you must strictly demand that the dog under no circumstances dare to leave the place indicated to it. Then - do the same exercises near the front doors of the apartment, then in the yard and finally on the street - near the store,and your absence should be short at first.

Now the ultimate goal, indicated in the title of this chapter, is the guarding of objects

Place the dog next to your item (hat, coat, etc.) and have someone else try to take and carry it away, teasing the dog and trying to arouse its attention. For your part, you must provoke her with the words: "look" or "take", etc. If the dog begins to bark and rush at the alleged intruder, he must hastily throw what he has taken, pretending to be frightened, and hide from the room. Pick up the thrown thing, put it back and praise the dog. If the dog does not understand, and does not give a voice, bring him to the indicated thing and try to explain your requirements. By combining visual teaching by example with verbal interpretation, you will always be able to achieve what you want. After lessons in the apartment, you should do them in the yard and then in a foreign place.The dog needs to get used to being a watchman outside the home. Entrust her security with different packages, your plaid or coat. Try in the village, swimming somewhere on the shore, to make the dog guard your dress and watch how it will relate to the approach of strangers. By gradually developing the guardian tendencies of your four-legged friend, you can achieve amazing results.

In order to complete the training of a dog in this direction, it is good to learn it by voice to notify its owner about the killed game found by it, as well as about the approach of an outsider to the object entrusted to protect it.

The first is necessary for hunting dogs, the second for guard dogs.

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