Guard Dog: The Problem Of Choice

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Guard Dog: The Problem Of Choice
Guard Dog: The Problem Of Choice

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For many people, life with a dog is not just a circumstance. This is a way of self-expression, a style of organizing leisure activities, and, if you like, a specific philosophy. At the turn of the century, such people in Russia were called "dogs". Remember Gogol's Nozdryov?

For all his rudeness, eccentricity and petty tyranny, there is one character trait that evokes sympathy in the reader - love for dogs. Most of us really love dogs too - maybe that's why?

Of course, one should not make something idealized and impersonal out of this love - there is room for irritation, resentment, and punishment in it.

Everything is the same as in human relationships. However, albeit subconsciously, specific requirements are also imposed on the dog. And if the betrayal or cowardice of a friend - a person, we apologetically explain the imperfection of human nature, then in relation to a dog … But is the dog so much to blame in a situation when it could not fulfill its guard-guard (as we say) qualities?

German shepherd grabbed the helper by the sleeve, photo photo of the dog
German shepherd grabbed the helper by the sleeve, photo photo of the dog

Let's try to figure it out together.

Probably, every person who takes a dog secretly hopes that it will grow up brave, faithful and love only him.

Note - he hopes for this, even if he does not set this task for his dog specifically - to protect himself and his property.

The dog's reputation as such is so high that it all goes without saying.

But life sometimes creates situations where there is a very strict test of the consistency of the dog as a guard. Unfortunately, our students do not always pass this exam successfully. And even if everything went without physical injuries, then how to measure the moral suffering experienced by the owner of such a dog?

Paradoxical as it may seem, but very often a person who has a dog turns out to be even less protected than one who does not have one, since the second relies only on himself!

How to protect yourself from mistakes, especially if life, even if it is minimal, is associated with risk (work, position in society, etc.)?

First of all, it is necessary to understand two concepts that dog owners (and many experts!) Tend to identify: "protection" and "protection". In fact, between a guard dog and a guard dog, in no case can an equal sign be put! They do have common features, but still there are much more differences and nuances in their work.

The functions of a guard dog are much more complex and voluminous than that of a protective dog

Let's look at the most typical examples of the behavior of a guard dog and a guard dog.

The owner and the dog are moving along the street, a man is walking towards him, who is trying to enter into a conversation with a man. A protective dog will not react to it until the command to defeat is received or the person shows his aggressive intentions.

A guard dog, with an unacceptably close approach of an outsider, will demonstrate its readiness to suppress any unwanted (from the point of view of the guard) actions: it grins, tilts its head. Its appearance should serve as a formidable warning to the attacker.

And this is the first difference between a guard and a defender: preventive (prophylactic) behavior in the second case and indifference in the first.

Preventive behavior is like a car horn: it's better to flinch in surprise than to be under the wheels of a car, right? That is why it is paradoxical, but true: a guard poses a significantly less threat to others than a dog disguising its intentions.

If we play our fictitious, but very common situation further, then the next difference of these dogs will be the independence of the guard.

The guard dog makes the decision itself, the owner only corrects it

A huge disadvantage of a protective dog is its excessive dependence on humans and their decisions!

And if the person is not around? Or are you not considering the option of robbing your apartment? Who, then, will give the dog a command, because the thief is unlikely to behave aggressively (unless he is a fool, of course!).

The defender will be able to keep your property intact only if the robbery takes place in your presence, which is generally unlikely …

We suggest to all doubters to remember and analyze the actions of the VIP bodyguards when an outsider tries to approach the latter. They are unlikely to be worried about the fact that the person did not mean anything bad - he will be warned in time and instantly neutralized!

So, we have identified the features that distinguish the guard from the defender:

a) preventive behavior (the so-called "protection zone");

b) independence in decision making.

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