Teaching The Dog To Sit And Lie Down On Command

Teaching The Dog To Sit And Lie Down On Command
Teaching The Dog To Sit And Lie Down On Command

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Of course, you do not have to train your dog to sit or lie down, he is great at doing this. But we must teach her to sit or lie down at our command. This means creating conditioned responses in the dog - changing his posture in response to our specific signals.

Teaching the dog to obey commands. The dog responds to our commands for two reasons. The first is the dog's understanding of what we want from it when we give the command. If the dog only partially understands what we want, we will not get reliable performance of the skills. And almost every dog ​​owner from time to time assures me that his or her dog is just stupid or stubborn - she knows what to do on command, but does not. If you are sure that the dog understands you, consider whether the second reason is satisfied. A dog can understand very well what we want from him, but if he also realized that we are inconsistently demanding and not always persistent, he may come to the conclusion that obeying is not always necessary. The second reason lies in our consistency in our consistency.

German Shepherd performs the command Sit, photo photo of the dog
German Shepherd performs the command Sit, photo photo of the dog

Sit command

Imagine that you have come to a country whose language you do not know. A young beautiful woman comes up to you and asks, of course in her own language, to open the door. You will stare at her the way your dog stares at you when you first start training her.

And it doesn't matter how many times this woman repeats a request that you don't understand. You wouldn't understand anything if she even screamed at you. And you would be very frightened if she ran to you, twirling a rolled-up newspaper over her head and yelling: “Open the door!” - in her own language, which you do not understand.

But you probably would have guessed what this woman wants if she gently took your hand and, saying the phrase, would show you what you should do. After a certain number of rehearsals, you would finally understand what the phrase of a stranger means.

After repeating this sign for several weeks, the woman could check how well you have learned this phrase. She would tell you, without any help: "Open the door." If you hadn't responded to the request, the woman would have helped you again. I think that no matter how stupid you are, you would understand everything. And in the future, if you wanted to avoid reprimands and sidelong glances, we would open the door when this woman asked you to.

The exact same training philosophy applies to dogs. You shouldn't get angry and swear at your dog if it doesn't respond to an unfamiliar or unfamiliar command. You must first explain to the dog what this command means.

Young Rottweiler performs the command to Lie down, dog photo photo
Young Rottweiler performs the command to Lie down, dog photo photo

Lie command

To explain something to your dog, you have to take three steps. First, you must find a way to get the dog to do what you would like to teach him. At the same time, you will have to utter a word that will become a command. This is very important. A dog will never reliably reproduce a skill unless it links its actions to the command.

Sit command. In order to use the already familiar method of leading, take the treat in your right hand, turn half-round to the dog that is on your left and which you hold with your left hand, show her a piece, give the command to Sit! and, making a movement with a hand with a treat from the dog's nose up and back, so that it reaches for him, sit it down. I must say that this is the best way, especially for a puppy. It turns out that animals are better at remembering what they do themselves and worse is what they are forced to do. So, after reaching for food, the dog should sit down by itself. Continued …

The “lie down” command (is practiced after the “sit” command has been completed). Place the puppy near your left leg, turn half-turn towards him, take the leash in your right hand, 20 cm from the collar so that the leash hook is at the bottom of the collar and put your left hand on the withers. Then give the command "Lie down", press with your left hand on the withers and at the same time with your right hand make a prolonged jerk with the leash down and slightly forward. As soon as the puppy lays down, reward him with exclamation "Good", stroking and treats. If the puppy tries to get up, again, in a more severe tone, give the command "Lie down" and press the left hand on the withers in a lying position for 7-10 seconds. After a while, repeat the exercise 2-3 times. Continued …

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