Can You Make Money From Dogs?

Can You Make Money From Dogs?
Can You Make Money From Dogs?

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Dog money, money for dogs … It is somehow not customary for us to talk about this topic. After all, a dog is a friend of man, and, as you know, money cannot buy friendship. And yet, when a decision is made to have a puppy, the question of its cost is far from last.

What determines the value of this amount? It is determined by the prestige of the breed, the demand for it, the origin of the puppy and the requests of the breeder. All of these characteristics are not completely stable, but rather fluctuate over time. Thus, the demand for a breed can rise or fall, a prestigious breed can go out of fashion, and a breeder in our unstable life can have such significant changes that he will give out the coolest litter on the cheap. The money paid for the puppy is also a kind of "insurance premium". More than once I had to deal with the fact that donated or sold cheaply dogs do not live long.A person's willingness to pay a considerable sum for an animal confirms the maturity of the decision. The high price, sometimes, serves as a guarantee of caring for the baby: after all, the puppy must be fed with high-quality food, vaccinated on time, and regularly invite a hair care professional. A cheap and donated puppy often becomes a "toy for a moment."

Bull Terrier lies on green grass, photo photograph of a dog
Bull Terrier lies on green grass, photo photograph of a dog

Conventionally, all dog breeds sold in our country can be divided into cheap, average prices and expensive. The former includes almost all hunting breeds, such as welsh terriers, dachshunds, huskies, hounds, etc. Many decorative and service dogs fall into this category, for example, Airedale, Collie, Boxer, Schnauzer, Sheltie, Irish Terrier and many others. A puppy of these breeds can be purchased for $ 100-200.

Medium-priced dogs include Bobtails, Dalmatians, Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Yorkshire Terriers, Irish Wolfhounds, Bouviers of Flanders, Chow Chows and others. On average, the price of puppies here reaches $ 500-700.

These are quite fashionable breeds: either beautiful "toys", or dogs with a reputation for good bodyguards and watchmen. Moreover, many of them are relatively rare in our country.

And only a small number of breeds are usually really expensive - over a thousand dollars. These include some breeds of the Molossian group, such as Bordeaux mastiffs, mastino-napolitano, bullmastiffs, fila brasileira. These animals are, as it were, a symbol of wealth and are very prestigious.

But we were talking about the average prices for a puppy with a good pedigree. In each of these groups there are dogs of different quality and the price for them can vary significantly and be both understated (for example, the litter is poorly grown, or the breeder has problems and needs to distribute puppies urgently) and overpriced. The so-called elite puppies, that is, those from which a champion can later grow up, in any breed are more expensive than average.

Now consider both the owner's costs and his income. At the same time, the profitability of keeping a dog and a bitch differs significantly. Let's make a reservation right away that you definitely can't make money on cheap dogs …

Let's say you purchased a bitch. In the expenses column, it will be necessary to write down the costs: for raising a puppy, paying for mating to the owner of a dog, a special diet for a pregnant bitch that requires special feeding, raising babies, paperwork for a litter, branding, advertising in the media. There may also be costs for a veterinarian, childbirth, tail docking. In addition, if you are the owner of a high-breed animal, then the costs of exhibitions are inevitable. If you include here also the "pension fund", that is, the cost of the dog at a time when it is already beyond reproductive age, then it is easy to calculate that at best your pet will only pay for itself.

Many owners of cheap dogs had the opportunity to see the truth of the above from personal experience. Moreover, this experience became especially bitter if the puppies were in the summer and the dogs were large (for example, collies, airedales, rizeni). In this case, puppies often grew up to 4-5 months with the breeder, the costs of their maintenance were much higher than the money that the breeder received for them. And this is not counting the moral costs (a ruined vacation and frayed nerves), the cost of repairing parquet flooring swollen from urine, peeled wallpaper, etc. Therefore, do not rush to calculate the income from breeding dogs. They threaten to turn into expenses in a very large number of cases: unsuccessful puppies, diseases of puppies and bitches, a small litter that does not pay for itself, or, on the contrary, is too large,when the kids cannot be accommodated quickly and they start bullying throughout the apartment.

Now let's talk about the opportunity to make money with a dog. Many bitch owners resentfully say about the owners of stud dogs that they supposedly row a lot of money for nothing. But this is not at all the case. After all, in order for a full-fledged breeding producer to grow from a dog, not only increased and thought-out costs for feeding are needed, but also a lot of time for full physical exercise, regular grooming (for long-haired and wire-haired breeds). And most importantly, huge expenses for exhibitions. After all, the main advertisement for a dog is his titles, titles, victories. After all, exhibitions, especially if they are held in another city or abroad, cost a lot of money.

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