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The following requirements apply to a dog breeder. He must have the necessary knowledge, have a special place in the house for breeding, enough free time and, of course, love dogs very much. In addition to all this, he should be able to transfer the puppies into good hands.

(M. Koch-Kosterzits. 400 tips for a dog breeder).

You have finally decided that puppies should appear in your house. There are many reasons that prompted you to make this decision. At the same time, you sufficiently meet the requirements listed in the epigraph. All but one - “necessary knowledge” is lacking. Little knowledge and, of course, skill. Skill comes when they begin to apply knowledge. In other words, skill comes with experience. What if there is neither one nor the other?

Greenlandshund puppies (Greenland dog), photo photo of the dog
Greenlandshund puppies (Greenland dog), photo photo of the dog

Greenlandshund (Greenland dog) puppies

“Yes, so that I can get in touch with puppies sometime in my life! I'd rather drown them in a bucket or drown myself in it! " - we sometimes hear from the grief-stricken beginner inept breeders.

The purpose of this article is to help beginners and not too burdened with knowledge and experience, dog lovers to avoid major mistakes in their first attempts at obtaining canine offspring.

1. Blessed be, newlywed. For the sake of simplicity, we will assume that you are the owner of the breeding bitch. Tribal in the sense that your dog has a pedigree, the dog is registered with a canine organization, which will bless the future marriage and issue the appropriate documents on the origin of the tribe born.

In some cases, it will be a hassle to complete all the formalities associated with the upcoming marriage (mating) of your bitch. Sometimes and endurance, and self-control, and diplomatic tact. Indeed, already at this stage, the interests, not always disinterested, of a number of persons collide. Here are the requirements of cynology, interested in obtaining offspring of the best quality for a given breed. And the personal interests of the spokesman for these requirements - the dog handler and owners of stud dogs interested in mating. It happens that both the dog handler and the owner of the stud dog are one and the same person. And he allows mating only with his dog. And you want to mate with another. So much for the problem.

If your bitch is not a tribal one, but just like that, a friend of children and a watchman, then all this fuss with documents disappears and everything is solved in a popular, democratic way. No hassle with paperwork. All your documents are "mustaches, paws and tail", like those of Matroskin's cat.

Your first step should be a visit to the dog handler for a blessing on the upcoming mating of your bitch.You will be making a big mistake if you first mate your bitch and then see a dog handler. A completely unacceptable, gross mistake will be made by the one who binds his bitch, gets a litter (that is, a “puppy breed”), and then turns to the section with a request to issue certificates for the puppies. Surely all the dogs will be hanged on him. If both the owner and the bitch are hunters, then the owner can take away his own hunting certificate (a hunting ticket and eight more certificates to it), accusing him of unscheduled mating and the production of unplanned livestock. After all, hunting with dogs that do not have passports is strictly prohibited under the threat of shooting such a dog by a huntsman who found her in the fields. And even in the presence of its owner. So it's better not to make mistakes and do everything according to the rules.

2. Matchmaking of the bride. The next step is choosing a groom. This is such a difficult question that we will not try to explain it not only in essence, but even indirectly. Entire libraries have been written on this topic, there is a long list of sciences devoted to this issue. Without bothering readers with arguments about the manifestations of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in various chromosomes, about double helices that hide the secrets of heredity, about dominant and recessive genes, about homozygosity and heterozygosity, that is, about that circle of elementary questions, without acquaintance with which there is nothing and try to talk about the subject concerned and about which the author also has rather vague ideas.

Let's say briefly, again in a popular way, "the apple is not rolling far from the cherry" or "what is the priest, so is the offspring." What should mean in the language of geneticists-breeders - children inherit parental traits. Therefore, the groom should be selected. But not lying on the road, but from the category of their own kind. And not everyone is allowed into a number of similar ones, but only those who have been honored to break through in their exterior and working qualities into breeding producers, like your bitch. That is, it was previously selected for these purposes. This is the main selection tool for you - targeted selection and selection. Every puppy knows this.

You should not be intimidated by the complexity of this task. The selection will be made without you, your participation here is excluded. Most likely, they will help you make the selection. Especially if, as mentioned, the consultant cynologist and the owner of the stud dog are one person.

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