Breeding Work In Clubs

Breeding Work In Clubs
Breeding Work In Clubs

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Purpose of breeding work. Breeding work is one of the most important and most difficult in the activities of service dog breeding clubs. It consists in the systematic improvement of the service and breeding qualities of dogs of service breeds, their reproduction and increase in numbers to fully meet the needs of the Armed Forces, the national economy and the population of the country.

Persons engaged in breeding work should know that the country requires dogs not only with good conformation, harmoniously built, but above all with high working qualities, that is, having a pronounced active-defensive reaction, endurance, the ability to successfully train, carry a guard service, work out the odor traces of a person and detain the "violator" and fully meet other requirements for dogs of service breeds in our country.

German boxer, dog photo photo
German boxer, dog photo photo

Particular attention should be paid to the systematic improvement of the service and breeding qualities of German (East European) Shepherd Dogs, which are among the most fully meeting the requirements of service breeds and are the leading breed for universal service purposes.

The main content of breeding work is the use of scientifically developed and tested by wide practice advanced, effective methods of improving dogs of service breeds: selection of the best breeding animals through their comprehensive assessment (appraisal) carried out annually in clubs; thoughtful, purposeful selection for mating males and females; directed rearing and education of puppies and young dogs and systematic training of adult dogs.

It is possible to cope with such a difficult task only if the breeding work is based on the modern achievements of zootechnical and cynological sciences and best practices and is carried out in an organized, planned manner, under the guidance of qualified specialists.

Republican cities have significant opportunities here. Moscow and Leningrad, regional, regional clubs of service dog breeding DOSAAF, having qualified specialists in the staff, keeping a systematic breeding record of the number of dogs and having them in sufficient quantity. Attempts by small clubs to conduct their own breeding work, as a rule, are doomed to failure. I would like to emphasize that clubs organizing breeding should systematically involve specialists in biological and livestock educational and research institutes and laboratories as qualified consultants.

Breeding selection and selection of dogs. Breeding work is unthinkable without qualified selection and selection of dogs.

Selection is the identification and preservation for further breeding of dogs that best meet the requirements of service and breeding qualities. The main task of the selection is to select the best dogs suitable for breeding from all the available in the club population of dogs and to eliminate from breeding animals that do not meet the requirements of the standards of service dogs and specific tasks recorded in the long-term and annual breeding plans. All dogs selected for breeding are called breeding dogs.

The standard is the minimum requirements that must be met in terms of origin, behavior, constitution, conformation and other indicators of a dog of a given breed; it serves as a kind of standard. The standard can be revised and changed in accordance with the change in the quality of the livestock of this breed and the presentation of new significant requirements to this breed by the Armed Forces of our country and the national economy.

It should be emphasized that the approved standard must be strictly observed in the examination of dogs at shows and broods, as well as in the selection and selection of dogs for mating. Unfortunately, in some clubs, out of ignorance of this provision, and sometimes deliberately, for the sake of local fashion for dogs, this provision is not observed, which causes irreparable harm to the development of the breed.

Selection is the most expedient pairing of selected stud dogs and bitches for their subsequent mating in order to obtain from them puppies with the planned desirable qualities.

Selection and selection are integral, closely related parts of a single, consistent creative process aimed at the systematic improvement of the dog population.

The process of improving a breed, based on the unity of the action of selection and selection, is called selection.

The selection is designed to take into account the requirements for dogs of service breeds from the Armed Forces of our country and the national economy and accordingly improve their service (working) and breeding qualities. This is achieved by timely identification of qualitative changes in the offspring of pedigree dogs, which appeared as a result of the influence on their parents by various methods and techniques of breeding, and further selection and selection of dogs in order to strengthen and consolidate desirable qualities in the population.

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