If The Dog Barks Too Much

If The Dog Barks Too Much
If The Dog Barks Too Much

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Barking is a natural way for a dog to express many feelings. Most people want their dog to warn them with barking, for example, when someone comes to them or when the postman brings mail. This is convenient, because otherwise the owner of the dog will not hear anything, since at the moment he can do the washing in the bathroom, listen to the radio or watch TV, take a shower, do something in the garden or do something else.

There is another reason: dog owners want their pets to bark away intruders. Burglars are often wary of the dog's warning barking.

German Shepherd sitting on a chain, barking loudly, photo photo of the dog
German Shepherd sitting on a chain, barking loudly, photo photo of the dog

Many dogs naturally know that they have to guard the house and yard. Others are deprived of this ability and, if they could, would invite the robber for a cup of coffee. For these dogs, all humans are potential friends and playmates. Many owners go to great lengths to get their silent dogs to bark in certain situations and encourage them to bark whenever they can.

Dogs bark for many reasons. Some bark, warning of unfamiliar noise. Others hear another dog barking. They may bark when upset, alone, scared, excited, or even very happy.

Moderate and appropriate barking should be encouraged, and excessive, inappropriate barking should be discouraged. The basic obedience principles that your dog already knows should teach him when to bark and when not. If you want your dog not to bark in vain or bark at all, use the word "fu!" and apply the leash correction to silence her.

However, most dog owners don't want their dogs not to bark at all. They want to change the dog's behavior in such a way that it barks when it is necessary to warn the owner, and shut up when it sees the owner's positive attitude towards the person or the situation that it warned about. She will have enough command that will calm her down and make it clear that the owner is in control of the situation. You can say something like “enough, enough”, “walk” or “well done” to her. For some dogs, the owner will have to give some of the commands the dog is trained to focus on obedience. There are some dogs who like to bark in the house, and even worse - in the apartment, where it needs to be quickly stopped. In such cases, a jerk chain should be used so that the dog has no doubts that it should shut up.

There are several types of special devices that are used to silence a dog.Some are push-button ultrasonic devices that make a sound that only a dog can hear. This sound distracts the dog, but sometimes it can cause a nervous breakdown. The use of such devices for some time leads to the fact that the dog is sick with a nervous disease. There are other devices that emit a very harsh sound that the owner hears. This sound distracts the dog's attention from who it is barking at, but the fact is that some dogs quickly get used to it and continue to bark without paying attention to it. Music and television programs drown out other sounds that your dog may respond to. Therefore, try to play TV programs with soft music. For example, do not include programs about nature, in particular those featuring wolves or wild dogs.Instead of calming down, your dog will start barking at the TV. Don't play loud music either.

There are also other devices called electronic collars. They use electric shocks of varying strength to correct the barking problem. Do not use these devices! Never use any electric shock devices! This applies not only to your dog, but also to any other.

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