The Puppy Is Home Alone. How To Curb The Destroyer?

The Puppy Is Home Alone. How To Curb The Destroyer?
The Puppy Is Home Alone. How To Curb The Destroyer?

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Returning home, have you ever found your apartment in ruins: torn carpets, chewed up shoes, torn books and an indescribable smell?

Dogs that cannot be alone in the house, 15 percent. They are so dependent on the proximity of the owner that they experience bouts of melancholy alone. No one has calculated how much damage such a destroyer can do, but sometimes it hurts your pocket. And it's not even about the breed, although boxers and bassets are most often blamed for this. I know a Rottweiler who tore everything he could, leaving homeless on vacation. My yard-terrier Luxik happily chewed on untaiki from boredom; I, of course, did not give out my own dog to my husband and blamed it on a mole. So all breeds are subject to this sin… Sensitive dogs fall prey to loneliness anxiety - a term from canine psychiatry in the West - because they feel insecure. But dogs that are dominant in the family hierarchy can also show similar symptoms when sitting alone at home. They believe that the owners have no right to leave them alone! In the first twenty minutes after the owner leaves, they just feel physical pain. Such are the tenderness!..

A dog with a guilty look lies on the floor, photo photo of the dog
A dog with a guilty look lies on the floor, photo photo of the dog

Let's howl with longing. Common symptoms of separation anxiety include continuous barking or howling, destructive actions, and loss of toilet control.

In the wild, the howling of wolves is news of a pack moving. Dogs often prefer to bark, but to the horror of those around them, some of them just howl like a wolf. Since the owners eventually return home, the dog believes that it was his inviting and protesting barking (or howl!) That worked, and the next time it will try to protest even more actively. Poor, poor neighbors!

Dogs do not tear and gnaw objects because they are bored. For this purpose, they can leave toys and bones and find them intact, while other objects that have the scent of the owner will be torn apart. They can scrape and gnaw also windows and doors in an obvious desire to follow the owner. Sometimes the level of anxiety in such a dog is so high that it loses control over the functions of its body. Then physical relief replaces mental comfort.

Less commonly, the physical symptoms of anxiety are increased salivation and self-mutilation. When a dog bites itself, the brain releases its own sedatives called opiates, which relieve the pain of the bite and reduce anxiety.

Warn the anxiety of loneliness. Thank goodness there are ways to prevent loneliness anxiety. Ideally, these preventive measures should be mandatory for all dogs, but people do not understand their importance until the first signs of anxiety in the dog.

For example, many dogs begin to show signs of anxiety when their owners are away after a vacation, when they spend a lot of time with their owners when the family is fully assembled. After that, the dog simply cannot stand an empty house. The same result occurs after the dog has been ill for a long time and has enjoyed increased attention from others.

Dogs picked up outside are also susceptible to these conditions. New owners, trying to compensate the dog for the hard times that it may have gone through in the past, are so coddled with it that it becomes over-dependent on them and intolerance to loneliness with all the ensuing consequences. And the owners are discouraged and usually comment on her destructive actions like this: "This is how she repaid us for the good!"

Control the pain of separation. If you pet your dog every time he gets your attention, he will get used to these petting "on demand" and will fall into a state of anxiety when you are not there to satisfy this need.

Train your dog to do it when you want it, give it attention when it suits you. This will eliminate an unnecessarily close connection between you.

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