"Super-elite" Puppies For Sale, Or Advertising Costs

"Super-elite" Puppies For Sale, Or Advertising Costs
"Super-elite" Puppies For Sale, Or Advertising Costs

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

Any popular publication about pets is filled with naive, sugary stories about the merits of their own animals, which look like advertising. There are frequent publications about fantastic exploits and abilities of our smaller brothers. Especially it should be noted that dog breeders sin this. The desire of owners and breeders to present their favorite breed in the best possible light is understandable. However, interest in a particular publication is usually not determined by the availability of such materials, suitable to pass the time in transport.

Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, dog photo photo
Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, dog photo photo

Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

Newspapers and magazines about animals are full of advertisements and articles that you want less and less to believe. The authors of these lines are far from the naive thought that the publication of their slogans about objective advertising, competent breeding and fair victories will resonate in the souls, and, most importantly, in the affairs of a huge mass of dog breeders. So far, only a few editions are able to restrain the onslaught of this flow of useless or harmful information at least a little.

Since breeders and club leaders themselves firmly believe that they have a wonderful breed in all respects, no one, naturally, indicates its features and shortcomings, does not warn buyers about the possible difficulties of keeping this particular breed. Read any such article at random, and you will be surprised to find that any breed of dog is "obedient, affectionate, loyal, adores children, an excellent guardian and protector, easily amenable to any training", usually also "does not shed", etc. Tempting epithets.

However, the breeds were bred differently for this purpose, in order to use them for different purposes. They cannot be the same in everything except appearance! Different breeds have different characteristics of maintenance, cultivation, education and use, and problems of behavior and health are different. Fanatics of their breeds begin to be very offended and indignant when someone dares to point out any problems or shortcomings in their favorite brainchild. And they don’t give a damn that both dogs and their owners end up suffering from their rave reviews of the breed. Trainers and veterinarians, unfortunately, do not see the world of dog breeding from the best perspective.

In "runet" we conduct consultations on dog training. During this time, a lot of questions came that are not directly related to training. They all boil down to a few problems: dogs walk at home, destroy an apartment, fight, bite their owners, cowards. And in all our clubs, on training grounds, and among the owners, they like to blame the owners or trainers for everything. "There are no bad dogs …." - a traditional phrase in such cases. Alas! In many of the situations described, you cannot radically change anything. The owners of "problem" dogs are just truly sorry. The reasons for these problems are many, and the main one is that people believed the advertisement. But now you cannot accuse them of being naive in choosing a dog! Of course, choosing a puppy is a bit of a lottery.Even choosing a puppy from the most promising litter, and even with the help of a specialist, we still risk a little. However, the risk is minimized, provided that a person correctly evaluates his capabilities and goals when choosing a breed. Therefore, a realistic description of the advantages and disadvantages of the breed and specific producers when submitting advertising articles is simply necessary! In the end, such advertisements will be more credible than one that only describes everything in excellent colors.

Advertising is illiterate - the second scourge of our publications. Why are there newspapers, if even on the Internet there are advertisements "SUPERELITE PUPPIES FOR SALE …". Gentlemen, do you think that you are professionally engaged in dog breeding?

Do you really not know that the ELITE class is assigned to a dog based on the results of a comprehensive assessment: for exterior, working qualities, origin, and most importantly - for the quality of the offspring ? How is this class already assigned to puppies just born? Or is it that their parents have an elite class? Then write that. But is there anyone in our cynological organizations now doing appraisal (except for hunters - they still have it left, fortunately)? The CAC and CACIB titles have nothing to do with the elite. In addition, with a certain persistence, it is possible to "spin" a dog with a very average exterior. And from really excellent producers, not all puppies will be champions of the breed. And there is nothing to blame on the handler …

Rottweiler puppy, dog photo photo
Rottweiler puppy, dog photo photo

Rottweiler puppy

"Pedigree puppies …" is also a very "outstanding" phrase. "Puppies with excellent working qualities" - from the same series. And what are these "working qualities"? Does this mean that parents of puppies are prone to tracking, or are they excellent watchmen, or are they temperamental and good to use in sports training? Are their positive qualities passed on to their offspring? Does the future owner, say, a Labrador, worry that the puppy's parents have passed hunting trials if he takes a dog for his soul? Will a German Shepherd guard the cottage if it is IPO trained? What are the behavioral features of the dog's parents? Usually, even in universal breeds, all the positive qualities in one bottle (sorry, in one individual) are not found.

Gentlemen, breeders, offer your product to someone who really needs it, and not everyone who can sell it. Buyers, on the other hand, should not be seduced by enthusiastic articles and generous promises, they need to think with their own heads.

Clubs that breed, or rather, breed dogs, sometimes, apart from the exterior and origin, do not think about anything else. Then their carelessness is sorted out by dog ​​owners, as well as veterinarians and trainers, who have to correct what sometimes cannot be fixed. Everything is fine, no one will be left without work!

Yes, everyone understands, the breeder needs to sell it first. Well, the buyer needs to buy what he needs, not what he is promised. If advertising is more objective, no one will suffer from this, but only benefit. Advertisers, buyers, and the newspaper will benefit.

Elena Karlova, Galina Aksenova, Alla Damson, Natalya Gromova, newspaper "Moy Zver"

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