Stomatitis In Cats

Stomatitis In Cats
Stomatitis In Cats

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With injuries to the oral mucosa, which are possible when a cat eats meat or fish with sharp bones or with sharp particles, when there are deviations in the development of its teeth, their uneven erasure occurs, inflammation of the oral mucosa occurs - stomatitis.

The causes of stomatitis in cats can be eating hot food or, conversely, frozen meat, fish; chemical injuries, they are caused by alkalis, acids, pesticides that are not stored in the proper place. In addition, stomatitis sometimes develops when cats are treated with ointments that severely irritate the oral mucosa: cats are known to always carefully lick their fur.

With stomatitis, cats produce a lot of saliva, which churns into a viscous foam. And this foam appears on the fur near the corners of the mouth.

Stomatitis and gingivitis in a cat, photo photography
Stomatitis and gingivitis in a cat, photo photography

The mucous membrane of the mouth in a sick cat turns red, the gums swell. Due to the swelling of the tissues, the outflow of blood is impeded, which is caused by congestion in the veins on the entire surface of the density of the mouth, especially in the rollers of the palate.

The epithelium, the top layer of closely spaced cells lining the oral cavity, begins to gradually flake off. And with more significant inflammation, ulcers occur, necrosis of the mucous membrane occurs.

If a cat has stomatitis, it eats only soft food, chews it listlessly, and may stop eating altogether. The animal becomes lethargic.

A similar procedure is used when teeth cause stomatitis in cats. And for its treatment, decoctions, infusions, juices of the same plants are used as for the treatment of dogs.

It goes without saying that the factors that caused the inflammation of the oral mucosa in the cat must be excluded first.

When the animal begins to recover, for better restoration of the destroyed mucous membrane, sea buckthorn oil or rosehip oil, chokeberry pills are recommended.

Source: Lyudmila Stishkovskaya. 1000 tips on how to treat pets.

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