Health Problems In Older Cats

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Health Problems In Older Cats
Health Problems In Older Cats

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Someone once said that cats do not age, but become more sophisticated. But this is not the case, and all aging animals are most vulnerable to various diseases. To keep your elderly cat in good shape, remember to visit your veterinarian periodically for check-ups. Remember, the sooner you start treatment, the faster your cat will recover.

Excess weight. Obesity is a very serious condition in older cats. Excess weight reduces the life span of the animal. Overweight cats suffer from diabetes, liver disease (liver lipidosis). It is important in old age to follow a diet and maintain a normal weight of the animal.

Diseases of the teeth and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) are quite common in older cats. If teeth are not treated in time, it can lead to tooth loss, inflammation of the mouth, and infection of healthy teeth.

Old cat, photo photograph
Old cat, photo photograph

Kidney disease. It is important to detect these diseases as early as possible. With kidney disease, cats are transferred to a special diet and treatment. Diseases can be detected using a urine test.

Hyperthyroidism (Graves 'disease, or Graves' goiter) develops due to overactive thyroid gland. There are several treatment options that only a veterinarian can prescribe.

Diabetes. Most diabetic cats cannot be cured with just one dietary change. Cats need insulin injections every day. Sometimes the veterinarian will prescribe oral medication and an appropriate diet, which eliminates the need for daily injections.

Hypertension. Cats with high blood pressure can develop sudden blindness or heart disease. Sometimes, kidney disease or hyperthyroidism can be the cause of hypertension.

Heart disease. The most common heart disease in older cats is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It often occurs in parallel with hyperthyroidism or hypertension. Early detection and treatment of heart disease can slow down their development and prolong the life of the cat.

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