Where Does Your Cat Sleep?

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Where Does Your Cat Sleep?
Where Does Your Cat Sleep?

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Come on, confess, where does your cat sleep? Curled up at your knees on your great-grandmother's duvet? Taking up most of your pillow so there is no more room for your head? On a chair next to the bed? Or lying near the closed door to your bedroom? Or maybe in your own bed in another part of the house?

A recent survey showed the following results:

About 96% of owners allow their cats to sleep in their bedroom.

Almost 50% let them sleep in their bed.

And 38% let them sleep on their pillow.

American Curl, photo of a cat
American Curl, photo of a cat

It should also be noted that younger cats prefer a pillow, while older animals like to sleep on their feet.

Although all cats sleep for a different amount of time, depending on their age and character, on average, representatives of the feline family spend 13 to 16 hours every day curled up in a ball and forgotten into a sweet dream. When a cat is about to sleep, she needs warmth and comfort. She is looking for a place where she will feel comfortable and safe, and also the right temperature. When it's warm outside, she looks for a cool corner to stretch out. And in the cold winter months, she looks for a place in the sun or near a heat source and curls up there to reduce heat loss.

Own room. Some people like to sleep with a cat, but not everyone. If you want your bed to be completely at your disposal, or for your cat to choose a different place for itself, you need to give your pet a comfortable bed or buy a luxurious bedding for him at the pet store.

Place a piece of paper in the middle of the football field and the cat will eventually settle on it. Cats love to sleep on something. This can be anything from a folded towel or blanket to a specially purchased bedding set from a pet store. Usually it is a small, not very thick mattress that washes well. Some have an electrostatic charge to attract fur and skin flakes, while others are made of sheepskin or faux fur to keep the kitty very warm and cozy.

Cat beds can vary greatly in design and price - from bowl-shaped beds to hammocks and cots. Cats love cupped beds as their design follows the contours of a curled up feline body. Some of them are equipped with removable wool mats for convenience. However, your cat may well be crazy about a wicker basket, laundry basket, or just a cardboard box with a blanket inside.

Couches, sun loungers, upholstered chairs, and sofas also work for your cat, although they are too bulky and not as transportable. They are comfortable and beautiful, but nevertheless made especially for people.

Cat trees are specifically designed to satisfy a cat's cravings for height. Some of them also give cats the ability to sharpen their claws, which they love to do when they wake up. And if you have several cats, then the tree can provide sleeping places for all of them.

The domestic cat may sometimes want to feel what will is. This is why she loves to lie stretched out on the windowsill so much. She will appreciate it if you give her the opportunity to sit on the window overlooking the sunny side and also into the backyard, where so much interesting happens. However, make sure that the window is closed or has a sturdy mosquito net as your cat may well be trying to get out.

American Curl, photo of a cat
American Curl, photo of a cat

If you want your cat to have its own sleeping place, put it in a comfortable, safe place with a suitable temperature. It shouldn't be too cold and damp. Avoid placing your bed in areas where people walk too much, or near a dog's bed or near a back door. Make your cat a bed in a quiet area where the whole family gets together, such as the living room or kitchen. You can put it in your bedroom if you like. Some cats have been known to enjoy sleeping on the refrigerator where they can watch family members and where the engine is running warm.

Roommates. It's okay if you let your cat sleep in its favorite place - your bed. Animals like to nap in a soft bed next to their beloved owner and often this pleasure is mutual. Advocates of this method argue that it strengthens the bond between a person and a cat, not to mention the comfort and warmth that a quietly purring friend gives you. For an adult kitty, it's like a teddy bear for children.

But before you endorse this seemingly innocent habit, keep in mind the following: cats rarely sleep all night and they wake up too early for normal people - usually 4-5 am. They will want to eat and then demand that you play with them. Cats are not indifferent to everything that moves, and if it turns out to be your hand or leg, you will have a very painful awakening.

Although cats are very clean, they still step on their litter box with their paws. You may be allergic to cats, and in this case it is better to sleep away from your pet. Behavioral problems, however, can be solved with training. You can teach your cat not to make noise until you wake up, or leave the room yourself. A firm "No" said several times will stop playing with your feet, and saying a few hundred times will stop everything else. And you can wash her paws after using the toilet or lay a towel or blanket over the bed.

As stated in the poem by Eleanor Farjeon, "Cats sleep everywhere - on a chair and a table …" A little luck and strength of character and the choice of a sleeping place for a cat will be yours.

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