Gymnastics For Locked Cats

Gymnastics For Locked Cats
Gymnastics For Locked Cats

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Many cats live in city apartments with no free access to walk. As a result, they get bored and try to dispel boredom through destructive activity (everyone around them tears, scratches, gnaws) or with the help of food, or both together. Exercise is essential for the well-being of all animals and keeps them physically and mentally fit.

Cats, perhaps, would be happy to do gymnastics, but our cramped apartments do not give them such an opportunity. To let the cat out of the house to an inappropriate place (near the road and in the city crowd) means almost certainly to lose it.

Therefore , cat owners should take care of the lively and fun pastime of their pets living in confinement. From an early age, you should involve your kitten in outdoor games and do it every day so that it becomes a habit for him. In this way, your cat will be healthy and fun with minimal effort on your part.

Kitten playing with a plush dog, photo photography
Kitten playing with a plush dog, photo photography

Some can be made to run and jump with toys and any other toy substitute items. And some breeds, oriental, for example, or Russian blue, walk beautifully on a leash with the owner. At the same time, the owner himself gets the opportunity to walk.

Gymnastic equipment and toys. In search of gymnastic equipment for your cat, you should first of all look at the nearest pet store.There you will find a large assortment of toys, and devices for jumping, climbing and turning claws. Some of them are worth making investments, while buying others is a waste of money.

The claw sharpening tool is a must-have if you want to keep the upholstery, bedspreads and curtains intact, which are primarily exposed to the devastating attack of locked cats. The damage to the pocket of the owner of such a cat is colossal.

The removal of claws from cats is prohibited in some countries (for example, in England), in some others it is allowed. This operation, which is performed under general anesthesia, involves removing not only the claws, but also the last phalanges of the cat's paw. In England, it is recognized as unnecessary cruelty to animals for the sake of preserving inanimate objects. Claws for a cat are of vital importance - they protect it from enemies; by removing the claws, you make the cat defenseless.

A common tool for sharpening claws is a sack-upholstered post, set upright. It can have different shapes, be multi-storey, which will allow the cat to imagine that she is climbing a tree. The purpose of all these designs is the same: to distract the cat's attention from your household belongings, to reduce damage from cat's claws.

Do it yourself! Such a post for turning claws can be made independently. It will cost you less and - if you know your cat well - you will make this structure even better than what is sold in the store.

Find a subtle corner in your home, preferably one that your cat likes to sit in. Attach a small plank (45-60 cm in length) to the wall in this place, and nail it to the plank or glue a piece of rough cloth or, even better, thick leather. Cat leather is especially appreciated, which can be confirmed by the owners of leather furniture.

The simplest exercise equipment for a cat (and other animals as well) can be an empty cardboard box, which can be obtained from or near any store. Give this box, after opening the lid, into the possession of your cat, and it will soon become her favorite toy: the cat climbs into it and gets out, hunts for the shadow of this box and for someone invisible who is hiding there.

Cat jumps from a height, photo photography
Cat jumps from a height, photo photography

To make the life of a cat even more interesting, make a small hole in the wall of the box so that the cat can barely crawl through it, and close the top tightly and watch your cat explore this "cave". You can turn it into Aladdin's cave by putting a treat inside, preferably so that the cat can't just grab it and run away.

Climbing facility. All cats love to climb, climb the top. A cat sitting at home with no way out should also have such an opportunity. A simple structure of bolted wooden planks can easily be made by hand. This structure will keep your cat busy for hours. If this is a simple construction - of course, it should be safe for the cat - it can be altered from time to time, changing its shape, height, dimensions, as in a children's "designer".

A small piece of delicacy, placed on one of the "branches", will stir up the cat's interest in this gymnastic apparatus.

10 games for your cat
10 games for your cat

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Toys. Balls, toy mice, bags filled with catnip will bring a lot of joy to your cat; they are inexpensive and easy to buy or make yourself. In the latter case, ensure that these toys are 100% safe - so that there are no sharp corners, toxic materials and that these toys are not too small and cannot get stuck in the mouth or throat of the cat.

Empty thread spools are very popular with cats. Pieces of wood left over from the construction of the climbing tree are also safe. Ping pong balls, tennis balls, and even golf balls that are thrown away at the first sign of wear will delight your cat.

Experiment with new objects of different colors and shapes, see what your cat likes best. Toys will make your cat's life more enjoyable, fit and healthy. And she, in turn, will delight you and save you a lot of money that you otherwise have to spend on a veterinarian.

Prepared by Nora Myshkina

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