You Must Teach Your Cat

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You Must Teach Your Cat
You Must Teach Your Cat

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The cat should be able to adapt to living together with you, while maintaining its originality, not to become a burden or a source of trouble for the house. To do this, it is necessary to block her bad habits and predispositions. Therefore, you must teach your cat:

Respond to name

It is better to choose a nickname that is not too long and sonorous, which the cat could hear from afar and respond. Call her by name from day one and never change names. This can confuse the cat.

Little kitten in his cozy house, photo photo of a cat
Little kitten in his cozy house, photo photo of a cat

Pronounce the name as if you are communicating something very important to her. Your cat should learn to respond to its name within 4-6 weeks after it comes to you.

In order for your cat to learn to go to the call, you should often exercise with her, saying, "Come to me!" or, if you have other animals, "Come to me, (name)!" Be patient - it won't work right away. And don't change the shape of the call. Whenever the cat obeys and approaches, reward her. In the beginning, the reward may be a treat, and later, stroking will suffice. In the apartment, the kitty should respond to the call as early as 3 months of age. On the street, this will happen later, as she is more distracted there. But already at the age of 5-6 months, she will come to your call from afar.

Sit quietly in your arms

To do this, do not hold it down by force. She should feel that she is not disturbed, that she is safe with you and gradually gets used to calmness.

A firm schedule

Your pussy needs to be accustomed to a hard schedule. To do this, you need to regularly and punctually feed her at the same time. This is especially true for evening feeding. This will teach even those cats who like to walk outside the house to come on time for dinner.

Stay in the house

So that even with the windows and doors open, she cannot leave without your permission. If you allow her to leave the apartment at her own discretion, you need to make a certain hole (window) for this and in no case should she allow her to use other exits without your escort. If she wants to go out through the forbidden place, you need to gently stop her and say: "Fu!" or "You can't!" Then take her to "her" exit. Otherwise, the life of the animal may be endangered.

Scared black cat, cat photo photo
Scared black cat, cat photo photo

To walk on a leash

Many consider this to be impossible and unnatural. But a cat can walk on a leash just like a dog. Although, perhaps, not so obediently. This can be taught to her for her own convenience when walking. The collar should not be narrow or rigid, it should fit freely around the neck, so that, if necessary, the cat can remove its head from it. Cannot be used as a collar with metal chains. Leash training is usually started with the cat at 10-12 weeks of age. To begin with, a rubber band is briefly put on her neck. Every cat will try to rip it off to free itself. We repeat this procedure in a couple of days. Over time, the cat will get used to the ribbon. Then, instead of a ribbon, we put on a light, strong leather collar for a short time. When the cat is 5 months old, it can be taken on a leash.First you need to practice walking with a leash in the apartment and when she is 6 months old, you can take her for a short walk near the house. Never tug or pull on the leash. Everything needs to be done gently, as if playing.

To travel by car

Cats are not big car riders. But this can also be taught to them. If you force the cat to climb into the car, it will only discourage her from any hunt and instill terror. Place it in a basket or box suitable for transporting the animal and place it in the vehicle. Let the cat look around and get used to the new environment. You should be with her and, if necessary, caress her. That's enough for a start. After a while, turn on the motor. Strong noise can scare her. Do not step on the gas or honk. After a few minutes, turn off the engine and return home with the cat. Do this all over again before taking her on the road. When riding, make sure that your cat does not interfere with you.

The cat, which is left to itself, is deprived of our participation and love, bad habits and inclinations develop much more "successfully". An animal with a real owner will easily mate with his desires and will not turn into a tyrant.

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