How To Train A Cat To A New Home?

How To Train A Cat To A New Home?
How To Train A Cat To A New Home?

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Sometimes cats get so used to their territory that when they move to another place of residence, they can leave the new house and return to the old one, especially if they are no further than a mile from each other (when it comes to cats that walk over a wider territory, then and ten miles is not a barrier).

However, many cat owners move many times without facing this problem. This means either that there is a very strong bond between the owner and the animal, or that the cat is poorly oriented in a new place. It so happens that cats living in an apartment have difficulty finding their floor.

Kitten in a new house, photo photo of a cat
Kitten in a new house, photo photo of a cat

How to distract your cat from thinking about returning? Here's an old but dubious recipe: Oil a cat's paws. Then - as if - the pussy, busy licking the butter, will soon lose the need to return to its former home. A better idea is to lock the cat in a new house for about a week - she will get used to this place and forget the old house. Before releasing her for the first time outside, hold the cat until it is time for feeding (and best of all until the time when she herself asks for food). This will ensure that she quickly returns to her favorite bowl. On the following days, you can let your cat out earlier, so that the interval between going outside and feeding becomes longer.

Entering an unfamiliar place, the cat will certainly want to study it carefully and will walk along the perimeter, sniffing at everything that comes in its path. Even if there is already a relative in the room, it is the room that is examined first.

Most of the time the cat spends in "resting places". It can be the whole house, part of it, or a bed, or even some place on the street, yard or barn. The area around such a place, the cat considers "his" territory, which she protects from fellow tribesmen and the borders of which she marks with scratches or (if we are talking about cats) urine. In addition, the cat establishes a territory that can be called a land. This is a large area, which includes frequently visited places where the cat hunts, bask in the sun and which she "patrols". The animal moves around this area, choosing one of many routes.

A cat living in a village has an area of ​​about one square kilometer, while in the city and the suburbs this area is naturally smaller. There are several times more “estates” of cats, especially during the mating season. Multiple cats' territories may overlap, and neighbors are careful not to meet each other on a walk. Having seen a neighbor, the cat, before continuing on its way, will wait until he has removed a considerable distance.

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