How To Wean Kittens From Their Mother?

How To Wean Kittens From Their Mother?
How To Wean Kittens From Their Mother?

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Weaning is the process by which kittens transition from a whole milk diet to solid foods. This is achieved by gradually increasing the proportion of solid foods in their diet.

If there are many kittens in the litter or their mother has poor health, then she can provide them with only partial nutrition. Usually, starting from the end of the 1st month, the cat stops the attempts of kittens to suck it. To do this, she either moves to the side, or lies down so that her nipples are pressed to the floor.

Cat with her kittens, photo photography
Cat with her kittens, photo photography

Already at the age of three weeks, kittens try to lap milk from their mother's bowl, and, from this age, they can be given small portions (0.5-1 teaspoon) of breast milk substitute. Then, after a day or two, a little baby food can be added to the dairy food, and after another week, during one of the daily feedings, you can replace the dairy dish with a small amount of canned meat or fish.

Regardless of the amount of breast milk the kitten receives, it should be fed about 4 times a day. With continuous growth of portions, the amount of food should be 3-4 teaspoons per feeding by 6 weeks of age. At the same time, the proportion of meat and fish products should increase so that by the age of 6-8 weeks the kittens could (if required) be completely taken away from their mother and 4-5 times a day fed with other food. Longhair cats develop more slowly and may need to be weaned from their mother at a later date.

As the kittens grow, the consistency of food additives should change - gradually the food becomes more solid. Canned kitten food, ground beef, lightly cooked fish and poultry can be used. At first, the feed should contain a significant proportion of water, then - less and less, so that in the end it is slightly different in consistency from "normal". Omelet with butter can also be given at an early age. It is very good to diversify the food of the kitten so that in the future it will retain flexibility in its tastes and antipathies.

If at any stage of weaning a kitten from its mother he starts to have regular diarrhea or refuses to eat, contact your veterinarian.

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