How To Rid A Cat Of Bad Habits?

How To Rid A Cat Of Bad Habits?
How To Rid A Cat Of Bad Habits?

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A cat should be able to adapt to life together with you so that, while maintaining its originality, it does not become a burden or a source of trouble for the house. And for this it is necessary to block her bad habits and predispositions. The best thing that can be here is their prevention.

American experts identify five main problems that arise when raising a cat.

Problem # 1. A moody and aggressive cat that does whatever it wants. The origins of this behavior - in childhood, when he did not know the word "no". What to do? Take the kitten in your arms more often. Never hitting him - this will not help, but, on the contrary, will embitter. If he releases his claws, just stop playing and say: "You can't." Remember, a cat's belligerence is often due to fear.

The kitten clung to the box with its fangs, photo photograph
The kitten clung to the box with its fangs, photo photograph

There are spitting cats. You can answer them in kind. If it does not help, use a spray bottle. If cats hiss too often, use the same remedy.

Sometimes animals behave very aggressively, scratching the smooth surface, as if trying to bury something. This can happen from the feeling that they have lost control of the situation. Offer them an old rug. Alternatively, wrap the entire animal in a heated towel. Warmth reduces fear, as does affection, love, and concern.

The second possible reason for aggressive behavior is territory defense. This is more common where two or more animals live. In such cases, you need to patiently train the cats to each other. Do not lock them under any circumstances! At worst, sprinkle both with the same cologne.

Problem No. 2. " Uncouth" cats that refuse to use the bath, mark everything around, pull things off the table. First of all, you should think about the medical reasons. If everything is in order, consider whether the cat is doing well. Is he getting attention because he is embittered, lonely, and unhappy? Measures are love and care. When you come home from work, first chat with the cat, and then with your wife (husband). Maybe he's angry about something? Or someone? Cats do not like people in front of whom they feel fear, therefore, they mark right in front of them. We advise you to hang the foil in which the fish was wrapped over your favorite tagging site. This will distract the animal. Or try feeding your cat where he urinates.

If you still cannot establish the reasons for this behavior, try sticking tape around the "fatal" area or sprinkle around with white vinegar. Just don't poke the cat with your nose! Make the bath the cat's favorite: clean, with good filling - sand or dirt.

Problem No. 3. The "crybaby" cat. The first thing you want to do here is pick it up. And then, listening to his op for hours, I want to beat him down. If this, of course, is not a disease, you should know - the cat screams, feeling abandoned. This means that you began to pay less attention to it. Which exit? Provide him with a secluded place to taste; do this even before the start of the "concert"; if the cat still yells at night, spray it with water.

Kitten playing with a ball, photo photography
Kitten playing with a ball, photo photography

Problem No. 4. Cat "destroyer". Representatives of this type try to break everything that comes their way. Show patience: he will not quickly learn that you can not tear everything in a row. There should be an object in the apartment on which the animal can take the soul away, for example, a scratching board. Keep the plants he has a special liking for, keep away. Better create his own garden. Elementary "cat" garden - oats growing in a bowl. You can also grow wheat or parsley.

How to stop a cat from jumping on furniture. You can offer the simplest method: tables and chairs with a surprise trap from a stack of books, cardboard or tin, which fall on the cat at the slightest touch of forbidden furniture. Or put deodorant cans all over the place: cats are terrified of splashing. They also wobble menacingly as the jumpers perform their pirouettes.

Chewing wires is a deadly habit. You need to sprinkle them with white vinegar or smear with tobacco gruel. But first check how your cat reacts to these odors.

Problem No. 5. The cat "prima donna". Symptoms: eats with you at the same time, but only the best of what you eat. Graciously lets you take care of yourself. In short, a spoiled snob cat. What should you keep in mind? Most cats are able to switch to a new diet within three days if you deem this to be the best option. They can go hungry for several days, nothing terrible will happen!

Measures for the re-education of the “prima donna”: do not feed from your table, mask new food, mix it with your favorite dish, gradually increasing the dose. Temper your heart: the cat will look at you with pleading eyes. Feed your cat strictly by the hour. You can even ring a bell. Pet the animal often.

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