Scottish Fold Cat: Buying A Kitten, Its Health And Maintenance

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Scottish Fold Cat: Buying A Kitten, Its Health And Maintenance
Scottish Fold Cat: Buying A Kitten, Its Health And Maintenance

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How much does a Scottish Fold kitten cost and where can I buy it?

Scottish Fold cats are very popular in Russia. In the rest of the world, their popularity is no less. Great demand creates great supply. Even despite some difficulties in breeding, namely, the fact that both straights and folds are born in the same litter, Scottish Fold cat breeding catteries can be found in almost every major city in Russia. In addition, the choice of Scottish Folds of all classes is quite large, and it is not difficult to find a future champion in Russia.

The price range is also wide, which benefits buyers. However, for thoroughbred individuals, in any case, you will have to pay at least 10,000 rubles (pet class). Undocumented Scottish Fold cats can be purchased at very reasonable prices - from 2000 rubles. Prices may vary in different regions of Russia. For kittens of the breed class, they ask from 30,000 rubles, and the price of fold- eared kittens of the show class reaches 60,000 rubles.

Since all Scottish Fold cats are one way or another predisposed to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, when buying a Scottish Fold kitten (it does not matter if it is fold or straight), be sure to ask for a certificate of the health of both its parents and the kitten itself. The same applies to feeding, since their diet must necessarily contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (see "feeding Scottish folds").

Scottish fold kitten, scottish fold, photo cat breed picture
Scottish fold kitten, scottish fold, photo cat breed picture

Why are Scottish Fold kittens' ears different?

All Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears. At about three to four weeks of age, the ears begin to "fall off", but in some kittens they remain straight. These kittens are called "straights" and they are cheaper than the fold-eared littermates.

In Scottish Fold cats, ears can be with one (the ear is bent forward to about half of it), two (denser than an ear with one fold) and three (ears close to the head, show animals) folds.

Scottish fold cat, or Scottish fold
Scottish fold cat, or Scottish fold

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How healthy are Scottish Folds?

All Scottish Fold cats are more or less prone to degenerative joint and bone disease, which most commonly affects the tail, ankles and knees, which can lead to decreased mobility (lameness, stiffness or pain when moving, swollen joints). This is due to a mutation in the Fd gene, due to which the ears "fall". At the same time, the entire musculoskeletal system of the animal suffers. Diseases such as osteochondrodysplasia, chondrodystrophy, arthritis and arthrosis can occur in cats. Such problems arise both when crossing a fold with a fold, and when crossing a fold and a straight. That is why most American breeders do not breed Scottish Folds with their own kind, but with British Blue or American Shorthair breeds.

In addition, when the Fd gene is homozygous, it sometimes causes calcification, which can lead to paralysis of the tail and legs. For this reason, in many countries it is forbidden to cross Scottish folds with each other.

Also Scottish folds are prone to cardiomyopathy, brachycephalic syndrome (a respiratory disorder in cats-brachycephalic) and polycystic kidney disease.

Due to the special shape of the eyes, Scottish Fold cats have a tendency to inflammation and suppuration as a result of the ingress of wool and debris (provided that there is no timely help).

Veterinarians recommend that you keep a close eye on the foldable ears of the Scottish Folds as they collect earwax more quickly. And because of their unusual structure, not every owner (especially beginners) takes good care of their ears, so the dirt that accumulates in such ears can lead to serious diseases.

Scottish fold kitten, scottish fold, photo cat breed picture
Scottish fold kitten, scottish fold, photo cat breed picture

Life span of Scottish Fold cats?

Scottish folds with good living conditions and good heredity live up to 20-22 years. The average life span of Scottish Fold cats is 10-15 years.

How do I know if my Scottish Fold has joint problems?

The simplest way is X-ray examination. Sometimes the onset of problems with the musculoskeletal system can be seen at a very early age. Since cats often hide that they are in pain, the disease can develop into a more severe stage unnoticed by the owner. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically check the cat's tail. To do this, gently play with her tail, moving it from side to side, as well as up and down. If you notice any stiffness in the tail or the cat's reaction to such manipulations is painful, then it should be shown to the veterinarian for a more detailed examination. The same applies if you notice stiffness in movements, refusal to jump, run, etc. Periodically feel the knee and ankle joints, if you notice swelling and soreness, this is also a reason to seek qualified help as soon as possible.

Features of Scottish Fold content?

When buying a cat, the owner secretly agrees to put up with some of the inconveniences associated with its maintenance, to follow their own established rules throughout their coexistence, and also to take responsibility for the life and health of their pet.

Before you bring your Fold kitten home, you need to make some preparations. First of all, it is necessary to secure the house itself so that an active, curious kitten does not get into trouble on the very first day. It should be remembered that Scottish Fold can climb anywhere, even in places that the owner does not know about, so you need to be prepared for anything.

Walking in the fresh air is useful for Scottish Fold cats. However, it should be noted that Scottish Folds do not seek to break free, they do just fine with a balcony or window. But if the owners decide to walk their pet, then it is necessary to accustom to the harness from an early age, as well as to the street. An adult cat, going out for the first time, will experience severe stress. Additional vaccinations are required before the first street visit. It should be noted that walking also increases the risk of contracting parasites. The immunity of purebred cats is not as strong as that of outbred cats, so there is a high probability of an increase in the incidence. Owners should also consider chipping and pregnancy problems in females.

Scottish fold kitten, scottish fold, photo cat breed picture
Scottish fold kitten, scottish fold, photo cat breed picture

Important measures and rules for owners of Scottish Fold cats:

- remove all small objects from the floor that can get into the kitten's throat and lead to suffocation;

- close the lid of the toilet (the kitten can slip and choke);

- close trash bins, containers with water (including aquariums) with lids;

- do not leave household chemicals, insect and rodent repellents, medicines and similar chemicals on the floor and other accessible places;

- on New Year's holidays, you must refrain from using rain, tinsel and small toys;

- it is advisable to install locks on cabinets and doors;

- remove plants (especially poisonous) to an inaccessible height or in a separate room;

- equip the windows with anti-cat nets so that the pet, playing, does not fall out of the window;

- equip the fireplace (sometimes the stove) with protective screens;

- close or check the washing machine drum, dryer, oven each time before use (some Scottish Folds like to rest there);

- when ventilating, it is necessary to fix the doors so that they cannot slam shut suddenly (may lead to injury);

- remove or fix electrical wires, which are very attractive to cats, especially during growth and changing teeth. If it is not possible to remove the wires, they can be rubbed periodically with citrus juice (lemon, orange, tangerine or grapefruit);

- it is necessary to open the doors carefully (a sharp opening of the door can injure the kitten behind it);

- care must be taken when preparing food, including when moving around the kitchen, as the Scottish Fold, attracted by the aromas, will show its curiosity, get in the way, and may even jump onto the table or stove.

What is required to keep a Scottish Fold cat?

To keep Scottish Folds you will need:

1. A separate bed / sunbed / house. You can buy it at a pet store or make it yourself from available materials (sew a mattress, roll a piece of old carpet with a tube and put a blanket inside, build a house, etc.). The sleeping place should be away from doors, heating devices (batteries, fireplaces, air cannons, heaters) and preferably in a quiet place.

2. Scratching post. It can be purchased or homemade. The scratching post should be so long (if it is a cloth upholstered board) or high (if it is a column) that the cat can stretch out to its full height, standing on its hind legs, without reaching its top edge. If the scratching post is small in size, then it must be placed according to the same principle.

3. Bowls. There should be at least two bowls: for food and for water. It is recommended to choose wider bowls for food and taller ones for water. The most suitable material for a bowl is ceramic, porcelain, glass, or metal. It is not recommended to use plastic bowls, despite their various colors, lightness and low cost.

4 . Toys. The choice of toys depends on the individual preferences of the Scottish Fold. It can be balls, soft, rope, sound, clockwork, intellectual toys. The main thing is that the toy does not contain small hard parts that can come off or be bitten off during play, get into the throat and cause suffocation. Toys can be made from scrap materials: a foil or newspaper ball, a ballpoint pen cap on a string, a ping-pong ball, and others. Scottish fold plays independently only in childhood; at an older age, cats rarely play without the participation of the owner.

5. Toilet / litter box. It can be a practical dry closet with removable reusable cassettes or a tray. The tray should hold an adult Scottish Fold. The recommended height of its sides is 6-10 cm. The tray can be either with filler or without it (with a net). When using filler, you will need a scoop and rug, which is recommended to spread near the tray.

6. Veterinary first aid kit. You can collect it yourself or buy it ready-made at a veterinary pharmacy or veterinary clinic. A list of what should be included in a first aid kit can be found on the Internet.

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