Singapore Cat: Buying A Kitten And Feeding It

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Singapore Cat: Buying A Kitten And Feeding It
Singapore Cat: Buying A Kitten And Feeding It

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How much does a Singapore cat kitten cost and where can I buy it?

Singapore cats stand out for their appearance and size from other domestic cats. But despite this, these amazing little creatures have not become widespread (maybe their time has not come yet?). There are few catteries in Russia that breed Singapore cats, and finding a show-class kitten is even more difficult, but if desired, it is quite feasible.

Due to the fact that Singapore cats are rare, their cost is quite high. Purebred representatives of the breed at the age of 3.5 months with a full set of documents and serious defects in the exterior, which do not allow them to participate in breeding and claim high marks at exhibitions, cost from 30,000 rubles. Breed-class kittens (minor flaws in appearance allow them to be producers) cost about 40,000 to 50,000 rubles, but the price of show-class Singapore kittens ranges from 60,000 to 130,000 rubles or more.

Singapore cat, singapore, photo photography
Singapore cat, singapore, photo photography

It happens that professional breeders sell Singapore without issuing documents for them in order to avoid competition (or for other reasons). Undocumented Singapore cats are the same purebred representatives of their breed, but cost 5-10 thousand less. If the owner does not plan to participate in exhibitions or engage in breeding, then this is a great option.

Private (unregistered) breeders of this breed are rare. Most often these are people who, for some reason, cannot keep a Singaporean cat, so they sell it, or those cat owners who have an unscheduled mating, in other words, a Singaporean became pregnant from a purebred cat or a cat of another breed. The cost of Singaporean cats sold by non-professional breeders is individual and depends on many factors.

You can also buy a Singaporean cat outside of Russia. To do this, it is recommended to conduct a careful selection of catteries in the selected country, check their reputation, then look for a kitten of the required class in them, or someone who you like. After choosing, you should make a reservation so that Singapore does not "go" to another buyer when the time comes (kittens are put up for sale from 1.5 months, but transferred to a new home only at 3-4 months). Knowledge of at least English and the breed standard will be very useful when purchasing a kitten abroad. You should familiarize yourself with the rules for the carriage of animals in Russia or the country where the Singaporean cat will be bought, and also obtain the necessary certificates and documents from the seller.

Prices for Singapore kittens in the UK: pet class - £ 1000-1500, breed class - up to £ 2000, show class £ 3000 or more. In America, the cost of kittens varies from $ 800- $ 2000, in Europe - from 750 to 1500 € (prices are not final).

When buying a kitten, you should know that the typical breed color in kittens appears only by 6 months, and the color of the eyes is formed by one and a half years.

How to feed a Singapore cat?

Singapore cats are not picky about food, but this does not mean that they can be fed with anything in the refrigerator. If the owner wants to maintain the health of his pet for many years, then he should take care of his balanced diet. The least that can happen with improper feeding is the dullness of the coat, the worst - serious chronic diseases will appear.

Which type of feeding is most suitable for feeding Singapore cats is a hot topic of discussion. Each type of feeding has both positive and negative aspects. There is still no consensus on the issue of feeding cats.

However, the most popular type of feeding today is mixed, as an intermediate between feeding cats with ready-made industrial comas and natural products. The basis of the ration with a mixed type of feeding is taken mainly from ready-made food of industrial production (dry or canned). Its selection is not an easy task, which the breeder should help to facilitate. He will tell you what type of ready-made feed is best to use, what brand and how much feed should be in one portion. Ideally, the breeder not only provides the buyer with advice, but also provides a detailed guide to feeding Singapore.

Singapore cat, singapore, photo photography
Singapore cat, singapore, photo photography

For the first few weeks (1-3), the kitten should be fed the same as the breeder, so as not to harm the pet's tummy, and after the adaptation period, you can begin to smoothly change the type of feeding or switch to another brand of food (if necessary) …

The finished feed is fairly easy to figure out. There are three classes of feed: economy, premium (first class) and super premium (ultra). Economy class foods are not suitable for feeding Singapore cats, as their value for cats tends to zero. Non-complete feeds can be given to Singapuras with a mixed type of diet, if the basis of the diet is raw meat. Still, the most popular and useful feeds are super premium complete feeds made from high quality products. When using super premium and premium food, it is usually not necessary to give the cats additional vitamins and minerals, and when feeding economy class food, you will have to add vitamin-mineral complexes and meat to the diet.

Singapore cat, or singapore
Singapore cat, or singapore

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About once a day, usually in the evening, with a mixed type of feeding, cats are given natural foods.These primarily include muscle meat, which, as already mentioned, can also be the main food. The main condition is that the meat should not be fatty. For Singapore, poultry (chicken, turkey), horse meat, beef and rabbit are suitable. It is recommended to give meat raw or scalded in boiling water and cut into small pieces. You can also give boiled meat, but during cooking, not only unwanted microorganisms die, but some of the nutrients are destroyed. By-products (liver, lungs, heart) should always be boiled. Useful cottage cheese (no added sugar), unsweetened natural yogurt, unsalted cheese. Egg yolk (no protein) and expensive sea fish (lightly cooked) can be given, but not more than twice a week. Not all cats love vegetables, but small amounts are healthy. It is not recommended to give legumes,as they cause increased gas production in the intestines.

Often, breeders recommend cooking special cereals from coarse cereals for Singapore. For cereals, cereals are chosen without a high content of gluten (gluten), since the intestines of cats are not designed to digest large amounts of it. When fed foods that contain large amounts of gluten, cats often experience not only persistent gastrointestinal problems, but also develop serious chronic diseases. It is better not to use cereals such as wheat, corn, barley, soy and rye in feeding. Meat, offal, vegetables, herbs, a little vegetable oil are added to cereals. Such cereals should not be stored for more than one day. Food prepared for Singaporean cats should be free of salt, spices and sugar.

Dangerous for Singaporean cats are fatty meat (pork), river and any bottom fish, egg white, raisins, nuts. But the most dangerous products for the cat's body are products from the master's table.

No matter what type of food your Singaporean cat is on, she should always have fresh water freely available.

How often should I feed my Singapore cat?

Singapore kittens are usually fed 4-5 times a day, adolescents - from 5 to 10-12 months - 3-4 times, Singapore adults - 2-3 times.

When compiling a diet (calculating the amount of feed in one portion and daily feed intake), the health status of the Singaporean cat, its age, weight, sex and lifestyle should be taken into account.

Authors: wolchonokW7, Gurieva S.

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