Snow Shoo: Buying A Kitten And Feeding It

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Snow Shoo: Buying A Kitten And Feeding It
Snow Shoo: Buying A Kitten And Feeding It

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How much does a snow shoo kitten cost, and where can you buy it?

Most of the snow shoo kennels are located in the homeland of the breed - the USA. In Russia today there are only four catteries in which such cats are bred: "Snow Angel" (Moscow), "Nikolaevs pride" (St. Petersburg), according to the cattery in Belgorod and Yekaterinburg. Due to the limited supply and small geographical distribution, it is recommended to use the booking service and take into account the cost of kitten delivery. For the same reasons, as well as in order to avoid deception, you should not buy snow shoo from unverified sellers.

The average price for three to four month old pet-class kittens is 15,000-20,000 rubles. Snow-shus of higher classes will cost future owners much more expensive - from 35,000 to 90,000 rubles. In America, the price of kittens ranges from $ 300–500 to $ 1200 USD.

Kitten snow shoo, photo photo picture
Kitten snow shoo, photo photo picture

What to look for when buying a snow shoo?

When buying a kitten of the snow-shu breed, you must first of all pay attention to its exterior (appearance), this is especially important when choosing a pet for breeding and participating in exhibitions. In the latter case, in the absence of experience and knowledge of the breed standard, it is recommended to contact an independent expert in order to avoid deception and misunderstandings.

Also, when choosing, you should pay attention to the activity of the animal: how playful and cheerful the kitten is, how it behaves with strangers, whether it shows aggression, how it communicates with other cats and other moments. A snow shoo kitten can be slightly shy, but it should not be cowardly, lethargic, apathetic or aggressive towards others. Hyperactivity in snow shoo is rare and also discouraged, but is not considered a disadvantage. Rather, this feature can create inconvenience for people leading a calm, measured lifestyle, but will not be a burden for active people (especially children).

Inspection of documents must also be carried out carefully, preferably with knowledge of the matter, that is, to have an idea of ​​how the documents are drawn up, what is written in them, what stamps and signatures should be. You can get acquainted with samples of pedigrees on the websites of the clubs.

After examining and observing the snow-shu kitten, it is recommended to talk with the breeder. Most often, conscientious breeders themselves begin to talk about their pets. It is necessary to obtain complete information about the health of the kitten and its parents: vaccinations, sterilization or castration, diseases (including hereditary ones), traumas (if any) and other similar issues related to health.

Also, the breeder should advise on the rules of feeding, keeping, caring for and transporting the kitten. In high-class catteries, a kitten is usually "attached" not only to documents (metric, veterinary passport, certificate of the kitten's health, purchase and sale agreement and receipt of money), but also a toy (1 piece), food (for a week), a small amount of litter from the tray the kitten is used to walking into (placed in a new tray to get used to it more quickly).

Kitten snow shoo, photo of cat breed photography
Kitten snow shoo, photo of cat breed photography

Usually there are from 3 to 7 kittens in a snow-shoo litter. Kittens are born white with blue eyes. The color begins to form only a few weeks after the birth of the kitten. The color is fully formed only by the age of two. There are no kittens with the same markings. As they age, the color of cats will darken, sometimes turning into a chocolate brown. A snow-shu cat is fully ready for breeding not earlier than the third heat, and cats - from six months.

What and how often should you feed your snow shoo?

Snow-shou need quality balanced nutrition. In no case should they be fed with food from the table. Feeding with natural products is permissible only if a special diet for cats is prepared with the inclusion of vitamin and mineral complexes.

Snow shoo (cat)
Snow shoo (cat)

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The most optimal option is super premium ready-made feed. They do not need to be supplemented with other foods or vitamins as they are fully balanced. Today you can choose food according to the type of coat (for short-haired cats, etc.), age (for kittens, for cats over 10 years old, etc.) or other health features and preferences (for fastidious cats, for cats with sensitive stomachs, for cats with MKD or allergies). The portioning regimen is calculated based on the weight of the pet (you should read the instructions on the package).

It is recommended to feed adult snow shoo 2-3 times a day, adolescents (up to a year) - 3-4 times, small kittens 4-5 times a day.

When fed with natural foods or canned foods, some breeders recommend adding pieces of raw meat to the diet to help brush teeth. It is also advisable to add special means for removing wool from the stomach.

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