Burmese Cat: Buying And Feeding A Kitten

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Burmese Cat: Buying And Feeding A Kitten
Burmese Cat: Buying And Feeding A Kitten

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How much does a Burmese kitten cost and where can I buy it?

The real sacred Burma is a rare breed of cats in Russia, however, this does not mean that you will have to buy it abroad. There are not many nurseries in Russia, but they are. You can easily guess that the prices for thoroughbred kittens will be considerable, besides, kittens of high classes will have to be booked and wait some time. Buying a Burmese cat overseas comes with additional costs and difficulties.

Kittens of the sacred Burma, Burmese cat, photo photography
Kittens of the sacred Burma, Burmese cat, photo photography

In the markets, you can buy a Burmese cat only if the future owner does not care about purebredness. Undocumented Burmas, born as a result of unscheduled mating (without the permission of clubs), cost about 3000-5000 rubles. Three-month-old kittens and older animals of this breed, born from thoroughbred Burmese, but themselves without a pedigree, will cost 5000-7000 rubles (if desired, pedigree can be issued for a fee). But the prices for real breed Burmese cats with a full package of documents confirming the origin of the animals are approximately as follows: from 20,000 to 35,000 rubles - pet class, from 35,000 to 45,000 - breed class and from 50,000 to 85,000 rubles - show class. As a rule, the cost of each kitten is estimated individually and depends on many factors.

What documents must a breeder provide when buying a sacred burma?

A thoroughbred Burmese cat must have a standard set of documents that the breeder gives to the buyer along with the animal: a veterinary passport, F1 certificate, pedigree.

Exhibition copies may have additional documentation, the availability of which is recommended to check with the breeder. It is recommended to carefully check the authenticity of the seals. Do not hesitate to read the agreement concluded with the breeder, as they say, from cover to cover, or call the club where the pedigree was issued to clarify the information. And do not forget to take a receipt from the seller about the receipt of money for the kitten.

Good breeders will never sell kittens through pet stores. They prefer to meet in person with a potential buyer to make sure that the kitten has the right living conditions. There is usually a so-called waiting list for breeding show kittens.

Most breeders will not even consider selling a kitten under three months old, and when it comes to show or non-neutered kittens, then all four. Three months is considered the minimum period for complete social adaptation of a kitten. During this time, the kitten will be trained to use the litter box, examined by a veterinarian, weaned off scratching, and as a result, you will receive an animal fully adapted to the house.

How difficult is it to breed Burmese cats?

Breeding sacred Burma is considered quite difficult. The breed was bred through a long, consistent and targeted selection, with the consolidation of the characteristic appearance and character of the breed. It is very difficult to get a Burmese with a perfect color. Cats mature by 7 months, males by 8-9 months. There are usually 3-4 kittens in a Burmese litter.

Sacred Burma kitten, Burmese cat, photo photography
Sacred Burma kitten, Burmese cat, photo photography

All kittens are born completely white. On days 3-14 (depending on color), kittens' nose starts to stain, “gloves” on their paws appear at the age of one to three months. Full color appears in cats only by 2-3 years.

What and how often to feed the sacred Burma?

A balanced diet is an important part of keeping Burmese cats active and healthy. As a rule, a natural diet is not recommended due to the complexity of its preparation, and it is not worth feeding like a purebred rare and, of course, a favorite cat.

The most suitable feeds are commercially prepared super premium feeds. Both dry and canned food are suitable. Most breeders prefer dry foods as they are more convenient and economical. Economy class food (whiskas, kitiket and others) is not suitable for feeding Burmese cats.

Sacred Burma (Burmese cat)
Sacred Burma (Burmese cat)

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The food is selected individually, so at first it is recommended to purchase a small package. It is advisable to focus on the age of the pet and purchase appropriate food (for example, for kittens up to 4 months old, and the like). As a rule, when buying a kitten from the cattery, the breeder gives a small amount of food to ensure a smooth transition from the usual food to the new one (if any).

The number of feedings and the portioning regime depend on the brand of feed, so you should carefully read the instructions on the packaging or the manufacturer's website, as well as consult the breeder.

The cat should always have access to fresh water. A special fountain for cats is ideal for these purposes.

If the cat has health problems, then the veterinarian will suggest a brand of food that will support your pet in a difficult period.

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