Cats: Signs And Superstitions

Cats: Signs And Superstitions
Cats: Signs And Superstitions

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Take, for example, this folklore gem found in the Ozark Mountains (USA). If a girl is not sure whether she should accept the marriage proposal, she entrusts the decision to the cat. What's true is true, cats are very good at understanding people. However, in keeping with this tradition, the picky bride doesn't just ask the cat a question - she takes three hairs from the cat's tail, wraps them in paper, and places the bag under the threshold. The next morning she unfolds the piece of paper and looks at what happened to the hairs overnight. If they took the shape of the letter "Y" (the head is the letter of the word "yes", that is, "yes" in English), then the offer is accepted, and if the hairs have folded into the letter "N" ("no" - "no"), then the fan is rejected.

Modern girls, if they do not rely on their common sense when deciding whether this good fellow "the boy for me" is really, can also rely on the opinion of a cat or a cat, only not necessarily neutered. Arrange an accidental meeting between this young man and your cat. If he grimaces and says, “I'm allergic to cats! What is this stuff doing here?”, You probably shouldn't immediately run down the aisle with him. Also beware if the cat glances at your boyfriend and sprinkles his $ 80 suede boots.

Black cat walking down the street, cat photo photo
Black cat walking down the street, cat photo photo

Men who do not like the idea of ​​being examined by a cat before marriage can read the following sign in the Encyclopedia of American Folklore: " If a man gets along with cats and loves them, he will always be lucky. "

From Thailand came to us another marginal omens of superstition about cats. It says that in order for the marriage to be happy and fruitful, the newlyweds must put a cat into the bedroom on their wedding night - preferably a large, mature, with a long mustache. At first glance, this is a charming custom, but in reality it can bring a lot of trouble on newlyweds. First, non-castrated cats have a disgusting habit of splashing urine anywhere. Secondly, there is nothing romantic about a fat mustachioed cat lying in bed between the groom and the bride. Therefore, it would be wiser to those newlyweds who, instead of a visit of a real cat, hang a photo of a beautiful pussy by the bed.

The Encyclopedia of American Folklore has many great tips and tricks for cat owners. For example, to keep a cat in the house, you have to take a piece of meat, hold it under your armpit and give it to the cat to eat (it is not known whether it should be dry or canned). Try this technique and you will see that your cat will not only stay at home, but will also bring all his friends to admire your manipulations.

In the past, oil was considered the best medicine for cats for vagrancy. “Put oil on your cat's paws and the cat will never run away from home,” advises one folklorist.

“When moving to a new place, oil your cat's paws, and she will never return to the old house,” another belief tells us. Since the "Encyclopedia" does not provide any advice on how to remove greasy stains from floors, carpets and upholstery, modern housewives can ignore these beliefs. In addition, in our time of anti-cholesterol boom, oil is banned. If you still want to use these grandma's tips, use unsaturated margarine instead of butter.

Some omens and superstitions, however, sound as fresh today as they did a hundred years ago. Have you ever woken up at 4 am with a loud meow, wandered into the kitchen and open a can of cat food? If so, you will confirm the ancient Chinese belief that cats are capable of summoning the souls of the dead - like zombies.

But another Chinese belief that the time of day can be determined by the cat's eyes still needs proof. But today it is much easier to know the time with the help of cat body language. Namely: if the cat is stomping on the face of the owner, it means that it is 5 o'clock in the morning, the cat lies exhausted near his empty plate - 6 o'clock in the evening, the cat is breathing heavily from satiety - 6 o'clock. 20 minutes. evenings, the cat sleeps - all the rest of the day.

Interested cat, photo omens photo
Interested cat, photo omens photo

According to folklore sources, cats can also predict the arrival of guests or strangers. For example, if a cat is washing or smoothing its mustache in the evening, a friend will soon come to the house. If the cat stretches its paws to the hearth, strangers approach the house.

But from personal experience we now know more reliable signs of an imminent arrival of guests. For example, if a cat is doing its big things in its litter box, then your dinner guests will come in five minutes (this is how long it takes for the smell to spread throughout the house). If your cat regurgitates a ball of fur on the carpet in the middle of your living room, then your home buyers will be on your doorstep in 30 seconds.

A mysterious, intelligent, dexterous cat inspired people to many signs and superstitions during a long life together with them. While some superstitions associated with cats are violent and based on fear and ignorance, others are full of love.

Why does a black cat bring good luck?
Why does a black cat bring good luck?

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American folk wisdom from the 19th century teaches: “Although black cats are believed to bring bad luck, a stray cat, especially if it is black, is sure to portend good luck. If a black cat comes to your door, let him in and be kind to him. "

If a black kitten has appeared in your life , we offer several nicknames according to its color: for kittens-boys - Anthracite, Black, Brunet, Warlock (English - warlock, sorcerer), Tar, Gutalin, Koksik, Korben (French - black), Lucifer, Moor (Greek - black), Darkness, Obscurantist, Muryn (Belorussian - black), Nero (black), Noir (French - black), Obsidian, Shadow, Coal, Flint (English - black stone), Gypsy, Chernomor. Chernomyrdin, Chernusik, Chernysh, Chernyavchik, Shanuar (fr. - black cat); for black kittens girls - Arabian Night, Ashita (Sanskrit - black), Bleka, Bleki, Vaksa, Jeta (English - black), Diavoletta, Ebony (English - black), Kara (Turkic - black), Blot, Koksi, Leyli (Arab - night), Libya (Roman - black), Malasha (from other Greek - black), Melinda (English - black), Melani (Georgian - ink), Nochilda, Nochka, Nyagra (Romanian - black), Smolka, Smol, Shadow, Darkness, Uglyashka, Ussuri (Chinese - black as soot), Gypsy, Chernukha, Chernushka, Chorna (Ukrainian - black).

Source: Prepared by Nora Myshkina, "Bird Market" newspaper 1997 - 13

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