Cats Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

Cats Pisces (February 20 - March 20)
Cats Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

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Generally, cats do not like to swim and generally stay away from water. However, there is a small group in the global feline community, representatives of which are a clear exception to this rule. Almost all of them belong to Pisces, as they were born under the influence of this powerful zodiac sign, which makes them overcome their innate aversion to water and forget the desire to always keep their paws dry. True, in Pisces cats, who grew up in urban conditions, the call of the sea manifests itself in an unusual and mysterious way. For example, if, while taking a bath, every time you meet with the surprised look of a pair of eyes, watching with interest your actions from behind the edge of the bath, then you can be one hundred percent sure that your pussy is a Fish.

In fact, many cats are well aware of what a delightful place a bathtub is: you can, for example, lie down comfortably in it and even take a nap, or use it as a toilet (they think that there is a drain hole in the bathtub for this purpose), or hunt for water droplets falling from the tap. But Pisces Cats, unlike other cats, quickly assimilate all of the human bathing rituals. Therefore, as soon as you empty the bath, they immediately jump into it and bathe with pleasure in a moist, warm and slightly scented atmosphere.

And yet, often take your cat Fish somewhere closer to the water: to the seashore or to the countryside - to a pond, river or lake and help her get the desired pleasure in natural conditions Pisces are decisively influenced by two planets - Jupiter and Neptune. For those who decide to make friends with a fluffy Fish, Jupiter guarantees an easy life, as he endows his ward with an open, generous, somewhat dreamy and friendly character, as well as a more or less realistic and businesslike approach to life's problems.

Cats Pisces, in principle, can be very demanding and difficult partners to live together.… They tend to imagine the world around them as they would like to see it, so it is best to start introducing your little Pisces kitten as early as possible to the real problems and negative sides of the real world, which he will have to face in life. In this case, of course, one should not forget about the pleasant moments. Your little Fish will undoubtedly look like a real angel, the kitten will even be too beautiful. However, remember that appearances are often quite deceiving. Since childhood, he is completely unaware of the feeling of his own guilt. Moreover, he already skillfully uses the innate art of avoiding responsibility, and therefore punishment for his misdemeanor. For example, he took it and stained it on the carpet. But after a few minutes he easily convinces himself that it was not he who did it, but someone else.He will feel so offended that someone ruined his carpet!.. In such situations, you should immediately give him a sharp reprimand for such an ugly act.It is imperative to take strict measures immediately, at the scene of the crime, since with every minute the kitten is becoming more and more consolidated in the consciousness of its innocence.

Tortoiseshell cat, photo cat photo
Tortoiseshell cat, photo cat photo

Already at an early age, Pisces cats can be quite lazy and self-centered.A kitten spoiled by improper upbringing can, for example, throw a real tantrum just because you were distracted and left him without attention for a moment. This problem is most acute in relation to some purebred cat breeds, for example, the Siamese, which also have such a strong voice and such a wide range that any opera singer can envy them. Another favorite Pisces trick, which can easily become a stable habit with them, is their frequent unwillingness to walk on their own, on their fours, and especially over long distances. In principle, they prefer to be carried on their hands at all times, both inside and outside the home. Pisces cats are known to be a zodiac sign that has a certain effect on the legs of their cats.Since Pisces is prone to psychopathic disorders, you need to carefully examine their legs before each walk: in most cases they will turn out to be quite healthy and in excellent working order.

These individual flaws in the character of the Pisces cat can hardly outweigh the fact that they are perhaps one of the most reliable and emotionally open representatives of felines, always ready to provide their loved one with all possible moral support, especially in extreme situations. So, if you are sick and you are prescribed bed rest, then your Fish will faithfully be with you throughout the illness until you get better. She will be delighted with the opportunity presented to her of such close and long-term communication and will receive true pleasure, caring for you. At the same time , a sharp change in mood is very characteristic of Pisces, which is often the reason for their unpredictable and difficult to explain actions, which sometimes can simply confuse you.

Sometimes your cat Pisces can cry and meow annoyingly and inconsolably all day, complaining to the whole world about her fate and the fact that no one loves her, and the next morning she will wake up in a great mood, joyful and cheerful, and will purr and flatter merrily to you.

Cats Pisces by nature are couch potatoesso they prefer to spend most of their time indoors rather than outdoors. The fish cat has obvious hypnotic abilities, it just emanates a feeling of inner strength, surging energy and creative creation. However, in life, he practically very rarely uses these qualities in order to establish his self in the local feline community, as, for example, Aries and Leo do. Their inability to achieve some degree of success in the outside world is largely due to a lack of personal ambition and a desire for peace. Female Pisces cats also prefer home coziness and comfort, so the house is for them the center of the universe. In addition, the dreamy idealism of Pisces can be shattered when faced with both the crazy hustle and bustle of street life, and with the uncompromising hostility of in the neighborhood adjacent to the house. thereforePisces cats tend to prefer secluded and safe corners where they can indulge their fantasies in peace.

Regardless of where they are - in the house or on the street - the mood and intentions of their friends and neighbors are always of great importance to Pisces, since they very painfully perceive any manifestation of aggressiveness towards themselves, and indeed a nervous and tense environment. Although friendship is an important element in the life of Pisces, they are nonetheless very selective when it comes to making friends.… Despite their natural instincts, Pisces, and, first of all, females, tend to acquire a permanent partner for life. As for serious and deep feelings, the Pisces cat considers violation of fidelity and betrayal of his affections the very last thing. Oddly enough, she even gets some pleasure from unrequited love as a real masochist. Therefore, the cat, who has not found a permanent partner among brothers in blood, transfers all its emotional charge and devotion to the person with whom she lives under the same roof and who feeds her and takes care of her. It is he who becomes for her the center of constant attraction and attention.

Taurus cat (April 21 - May 21)
Taurus cat (April 21 - May 21)

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To maintain close friendly relations with their potential partners, Pisces requires them to display a balanced combination of courage and tenderness, as well as at least a little indulgence and respect for her somewhat eccentric and uplifting spiritual makeup. So, for example, one can note a clearly traceable coincidence in the characters of Pisces and Cancer, that is, another representative of the water element in the Zodiac system. Both of them need a friendly environment and a caring attitude towards themselves. In addition, they also need some kind of outlet for the physical expression of their feelings and affections.

The reliability and solidity of Taurus, as well as the dynamism of Leo, can easily balance the dreaminess of the Pisces cat, and without any conflict or damage to both sides. Taurus is also capable of an ardent expression of his attention, which will be appreciated by Pisces, while Leo can offer her his extraordinary creativity, invention and ingenuity, as well as participation in games, which simply will not allow Pisces to escape from reality. In turn, Virgos are completely earthy creatures to the tips of their claws and therefore can help Pisces to stand firmly on their fours and feel solid ground under their paws. But Virgos are constantly concerned about their health, which, by the way, completely coincides with the desire and ability of Pisces to look after and console the sick. On the other hand,the spirituality of Pisces, bordering on telepathic capabilities, simply magically attracts Scorpions. At the same time, you should not allow Pisces to try to arrange his life with Gemini, since the latter is inclined to see everything only in black and white, so Pisces's innate desire to paint the world around him in pink will most likely not find understanding with Gemini.

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