Libra Cats (september 24 - October 23)

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Libra Cats (september 24 - October 23)
Libra Cats (september 24 - October 23)

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Symbol: Libra is the only inanimate object among the other signs. In essence, it is aimed at finding such qualities that its owners lack. This explains the indecision of the Libra cats.

Key words: cooperation, partnership, poise.

Dominant principle: balance.

Dominant planet: Venus.

Stones: opal, lapis lazuli, chrysolite, diamond.

Metal: bronze.

Lucky days: Friday, Saturday.

Bad days: Tuesday, Sunday.

Cat, photo photography pictures of cats
Cat, photo photography pictures of cats

The Libra cat is an extremely sociable creature that delights in the presence of other pets. You see, she just needs constant communication. Without this, it will "sour".

Venus, ruling Libra's cat, makes her seek refuge whenever there is strife in the house and not everything goes smoothly. The Libra cat is not suitable for the role of an outside observer if your family has an unstable relationship.

She will be much happier where unobtrusive logic and discussion in a warm and friendly atmosphere are the norm.

You will find that your pussy loves to "bathe" in the sun. She will be happy to spend some time at home and then get out into the sun.

It is unlikely that your cat Libra will drive around the neighborhood, terrorizing its neighbors, and even more so to hunt. She will most likely give preference to rest on a sunny patch and, if she can find one, she will fall asleep right away!

Being in a state of relaxation, your Libra cat will get sore from stroking her tummy and will purr sweetly.

If you are going to teach her circus jumping, then she is unlikely to take it with enthusiasm. This is not her style.

And although Libra's cat is not very picky about food, you don't even think about feeding her the same thing twice in a row. She craves variety, preferring light food.

The most important thing about the Libra cat is that it loves people. Remember this. So, if you need to leave for a few days, try to find a suitable company for her. Otherwise, the Libra cat may become depressed and even leave you forever.

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Compatibility with other signs

Harmony: Aquarius, Gemini.

Friendship: Sagittarius, Leo.

Conflict: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer.

Health. Your Libra cat is prone to kidney disease. She may experience lethargy and eye problems.

How will Libra's cat please you?

The Libra cat may show up in your home when a crack occurs in your personal relationship. She will be able to show the sympathy that you need during this period to restore emotional balance. It will help create harmony in the family or even at work if you bring it there. In short, Libra's cat often provides the emotional support that we lack. She's also a very loyal friend if you can appreciate her dedication.

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