Gemini Cats (May 22 - June 21)

Gemini Cats (May 22 - June 21)
Gemini Cats (May 22 - June 21)

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I wonder how many cats do you need to have five in a room? If they are twin cats, they are so similar to each other and so mobile that it is very easy to lose count by mistaking one cat - already counted - for another or two cats for one. After all, this sign of the Zodiac suggests that they are all "twins" and "triplets", with exactly the same appearance.

However, each of them represents a certain “personality”, with its own unique character, although it is based on such typical features as surging energies, a keen mind and a wide range of very diverse interests. The Gemini cat is the ideal partner for those who are young at heart and inclined towards romance. Throughout her life, she herself retains the curiosity of a little kitten and a keen interest in the world around her. True, although rare, but sometimes you can still find Gemini's cat, preoccupied with some gloomy thoughts. But soon he will perk up again and go in search of some adventure.

You should be willing to pay due attention to your furry friend, who will often involve you in conversations, and you will find that your Gemini has a fairly large "vocabulary". He has dozens of different ways to express his wishes, for example, ask for milk or feed him, which, in their sound scale, are completely different from a request, say, to let him out on the street. Moreover, he may even ask you: "Have you checked if there is rain there?" Fortunately, your furry is very friendly by nature and has a good sense of humor, so he will not be offended if, due to your limitations, you do not accurately grasp the meaning of his appeal to you.

Gemini cats know very well where you can have a decent snack and quench your thirst., where is the best place to hunt mice, where "tasty" birds nest, where you can find useful herbs, and where are suitable flower beds that can be used as a "toilet". Gemini cats remember very well not only all the nooks and crannies of their own home, but “rest assured, all the suitable places available there were registered in neighboring houses for their possible use as backup shelters. Secret penetration into someone else's territory impresses their constant desire to seek thrills, there is the possibility of a collision with a potential "enemy" - another cat, dog, or a person who hates cats. And this, in turn, helps Gemini cats to hone their resourcefulness, resourcefulness and quickness of reaction, and sometimes, it happens, even their claws …

Exotic cat, photo photography pictures of cats
Exotic cat, photo photography pictures of cats

Gemini cats are smart enough not to get into a fight. But if they are pushed into a corner, then they will boldly meet the "enemy".

Gemini cats lead a very active life in the feline community. Street cat Gemini quickly establishes friendly relations with local fair sex representatives and easily achieves their mutual affection. As for the urban butchers, dairymen, bakers and other representatives of similar professions, our Gemini's simple nodding acquaintance with them quickly develops into warm friendly relations, and they no-no, and they give him from their bounty.

Gemini cats consume a lot of energy, so they need deep and prolonged sleep. Born under the zodiac sign commonly associated with air. Gemini cats prefer open spaces. The roof of the house is an ideal resting place. Having descended to the ground, they again plunge into the bustle of street life, preferring wide walking paths, spacious lawns and tree-lined shady streets, rather than small courtyards and narrow alleys.

In addition, Gemini cats are not very great lovers of affection towards themselves and can hardly endure man's intrusive attempts to demonstrate his love to them.… At the same time, they will be charming and generous towards both friends at home and strangers, seeing their interactions with them as temporary. But these cats are not devoid of a sense of emotional attachment to the people with whom they live under the same roof. The forms of its manifestation can be very diverse, but, as a rule, there is an element of movement in them: they will greet your return home, jumping high and purring joyfully at the same time, or curling around your legs and rubbing them alternately with their head and tail, looking in your eyes, or jump into your lap if you are sitting, and then jump back to the floor. If Gemini agrees to sit next to you, then he will immediately begin to "talk", uttering the most unusual sounds and expressing his pleasure from such intellectual communication.

Movement gives Gemini cats the greatest joy. For example, they adore throwing papers off the table, pulling pillows from armchairs and sofas, pulling flowers out of vases and pots, fishing cutlery out of the sink … Any items that are likely to be sooner or later will be moved from their places. It should be noted that Gemini cats are big sluts and by their actions can make a complete mess in your house.

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And now a few words about the compatibility of Gemini with other signs of the zodiac. A man and a cat, born under the sign of Gemini, will make a wonderful couple and will have fun chatting all day long. Virgo cats are also very sociable and, like Gemini cats, are not possessed by a possessive instinct. The personal qualities of Aquarius are similar to the character traits of Gemini. Aries and Gemini can also make a great pair, as both of them, being very active, are able to charge each other with extra energy. The same can be said about Leo and Gemini, albeit with a slight amendment: the latter's tendency to constantly change the situation can cause nervous tension in the usually very tolerant Leo, which will inevitably lead to an aggravation in their relationship.

Serious problems can arise between Pisces and Gemini at the first attempt to establish friendly relations.The fact is that Pisces are emotionally open, caring and sensitive in nature, besides, they are great couch potatoes and dreamers. Therefore, they are unlikely to like Gemini's penchant for vagrancy, as well as their somewhat frivolous attitude towards life. The same can be said about the prospects for a union between Gemini and Cancer. After all, the latter are caring parents, so the constant absence of Gemini from home will have a depressing effect on Cancers. Gemini's craving for a quick change of scenery is unlikely to appeal to Scorpios. Taurus can become a reliable support for the restless Gemini. Libras are similar to Gemini in their sociability and charm, so a partnership between them can develop into a lasting union. Both of them are associated with the sign symbolizing air, and therefore naturally complement each other.The best pair for Gemini can be the representative of the sign of Fire - Sagittarius. These signs face each other and the circle of the zodiac, which suggests a favorable combination.

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