Aries Cats (March 21 - April 20)

Aries Cats (March 21 - April 20)
Aries Cats (March 21 - April 20)

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Nature has generously endowed cats born under the sign of Aries with a rich set of outstanding qualities: they all prefer to lead an active lifestyle and maintain active contacts with the world around them.

Aries cats are physically strong and energetic, persistent and assertive, self-confident creatures with a changeable character. It is best to give them complete freedom of action and give them the opportunity to establish the boundaries of their territory.

Aries are not couch potatoes, they prefer the street, and they are more interested in the hustle and bustle of city life, and not the tranquility of the countryside.

In love affairs, an Aries cat is a real Casanova (by the way, the world famous red tape was also born under the same zodiac sign). From time to time he will disappear from the house for several days in a row, or even for a whole week, defending his right to the most beautiful cats of the neighboring district in fierce fights with rivals. However, the queen conquered by him, who hopes to tame her cat Aries, expects deep disappointment: for some time the cat will just be crazy about her, but this will quickly pass, and then he will go in search of another object. And be sure that the cat Aries will always find where to go …

Aries cats are all natural born coquettes. Unlike cats, they tend to return home more often, but they still spend a significant part of their time outside, charming their boyfriends. True, then they usually become model mothers. But as soon as the kittens grow up, the mother cat will consider her parental duty fulfilled.

Aries cat does not need time and additional efforts to get the necessary boost of vivacity and energy. These qualities are innate in him. From early childhood, barely opening his eyes, the Aries kitten quickly realizes that the world around him is full of various objects with which he can play.

Little pranks can be forgiven for the kitten, but when the kitten turns into a young and strong cat, beware of the manifestation of such habits: his persistent interest in the corner of the tablecloth hanging from the table will lead to the fact that all the objects on the table one day will fall on our game. True, his innate instinct will tell him about the impending catastrophe, and at the very last split second he will have time to jump aside and hide from the crime scene.

Burmese cat, photo photography pictures of cats
Burmese cat, photo photography pictures of cats

Aries kitten is also an amazing clown and acrobat. When he finds himself in the center of everyone's attention, he is obliged to demonstrate a whole program of a wide variety of tricks, which includes long and high jumps, somersaults, somersaults, coups, juggling with objects, walking on a tightrope …

Since Aries cats spend very little time in the house, people living there with them are practically deprived of the opportunity to get to know their character, habits, preferences and desires better. In principle, there is nothing special to recognize here, since Aries have an extremely open character.

Aries cats are very impulsive and quick-tempered. True, they retreat as quickly as they start. Expressing their feelings and emotions mainly through physical contact, Aries Cats get obvious pleasure when they are stroked, pulled up their fur or scratched behind the ear.

You must have a very definite temperament if you are going to share your shelter with Aries. This is especially necessary if you took a cat into the house of Aries, which has almost no congenital restraint centers. Therefore, firstly, you must have a calm and balanced character that will help you withstand the endless stream of unpredictable actions of this self-willed vagabond, and secondly, you must completely abandon any manifestation of concern for the fate of your friend during the time of his long absences from home. And then the strong character of Aries and his active lifestyle will give you a lot of pleasure.

About the compatibility of the Aries cat with representatives of some other signs of the zodiac - both with humans and with cats.

If Virgo decides to connect her life with Aries, then she should know that most likely this union can last very shortly, since Virgo, with her excessive attachment to order, is unlikely to be able to endure for a long time the mess that Aries will bring into their life together.

Cancers should also be very careful about partnerships with Aries. The fact is that Cancers honor the sanctity of the hearth too much to tolerate some temporary guest next to them.

Aries cat may be the best match for a cat born under the same sign. Both are so preoccupied with their own problems that they have little opportunity to seriously worry about each other. They are well compatible physically and mentally.

Gemini cats (May 22 - June 21)
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Aries and Leo, both energetic and charming, in principle, can also make a good couple. But here, too, one cannot completely exclude the possibility that the spirit of rivalry of these strong personalities can prevail over reason and vital expediency.

An excellent partnership, especially from an Aries point of view, can develop with Libra. The selflessness and tendency to self-sacrifice of the latter easily complements and balances the more demanding, tough and dynamic character of Aries. He, in turn, energizes Libra.

As for Gemini and Sagittarius, the representatives of these signs are quite active, very quick-witted and intelligent, which helps them to get along with very mobile and physically active Aries without much difficulty.

The mentally well-developed and unconventional Aquarius with its non-standard approach to everyday situations can also appreciate the seething energy of the Aries cat.

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