Boxer: Tips On Grooming Hair, Teeth, Eyes, Ears And Claws

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Boxer: Tips On Grooming Hair, Teeth, Eyes, Ears And Claws
Boxer: Tips On Grooming Hair, Teeth, Eyes, Ears And Claws

Video: Boxer: Tips On Grooming Hair, Teeth, Eyes, Ears And Claws

Video: Boxer: Tips On Grooming Hair, Teeth, Eyes, Ears And Claws
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What to buy to care for a boxer?

To care for a boxer, you need a few accessories:

- a massage glove brush, - shampoo for short-haired dogs, - a towel (large), - a paw towel, - a sponge, - any type of nail clipper of any suitable size, - a piece of suede, - a toothbrush and a tooth dog paste, - soft cloth for occasional eye care, - paper napkins for nose care, - cotton wool and ear cleaner (or disinfectant).

Sometimes a natural bristle brush is required.

Boxer with toy, photo dog breed picture picture
Boxer with toy, photo dog breed picture picture

Boxer. © / blu-dog

How to care for a boxer's coat?

Caring for a boxer's coat is incredibly simple. The coat should be brushed once a week with a special brush for short-haired and smooth-haired dogs with a rubber base (mitten). It effectively removes dead hair and massages the dog's skin. It is recommended to comb in the direction of hair growth. In order for the wool to shine, many breeders rub it with a piece of suede after combing it out with a massage glove.

How should a boxer be bathed, and how often?

Local contamination on the boxer's coat can be easily removed with dry shampoo or a regular wet sponge. If a sponge is used to remove small areas of dirt, then finally dry the area with a towel and hairdryer. Dry shampoo should be used according to package directions. In short, it sounds like this: apply powder, rub in, wait 5 minutes and comb out on the newspaper with a natural bristle brush.

After walking in rainy weather, the paws should be washed in a basin of warm water. It is recommended to use a separate towel to dry your paws.

It is recommended to bathe completely no more than 2 times a year, including bathing as needed (before an exhibition, knitting, if the wool is heavily soiled and in similar cases). Washing your boxers is easy. The dog should be placed in the bath and the coat should be well wet. Then apply a special shampoo for short-haired dogs to the coat, create a lather and rinse it off. It is better to wash the head with a damp sponge without shampoo, or simply wipe it thoroughly with your hand. It is important to ensure that water and shampoo do not get into the boxer's ears, eyes and mouth. It is enough to apply shampoo 1-2 times. After the last application, you can use a conditioner for wool or a balm. Drying is recommended with a regular large bath towel. The coat of the boxers is short, which allows it to dry quickly.

White boxer puppy, photo dog breed picture
White boxer puppy, photo dog breed picture

White boxer puppy. © / MythicSeabass

How to care for a boxer's teeth, eyes, ears and claws?

Boxers' teeth and gums should be regularly examined and cleaned at least once a week … Healthy gums are pink, but red ones are a sign of inflammation. Brush your teeth with a special dog toothpaste. Today, there are many flavors that dogs will appreciate, such as fish, chicken, turkey pasta. You can use a soft brush for children or a special brush designed for cleaning animals' teeth. Brushing should be at the base of the tooth to its edge. It is recommended to get used to brushing your teeth from a very young age. To do this, use gauze wrapped around your finger and some toothpaste. Brushing should begin with the front teeth, moving left and right as the boxer gets used to the procedure. For dental care, there are also special tablets, napkins, sprays. Prevention of plaque and tartar formation is dry food, bone from veins, rubber toys with spikes.

The eyes do not require any special care. As discharge appears in the lacrimal pathways, they should be removed with a damp, soft, preferably lint-free cloth. However, by regularly rubbing the eyes with a damp cloth, boxers' eyes will always stay clean, clear and well-groomed.

Ears should be attended to once a month.… But due to the structure of boxers' ears, they should be examined once a week. It is recommended to clean with a piece of cotton wool dipped in a special product that is sold at a pet store or veterinary pharmacy (for example, from the manufacturer "Bars"). You can replace your purchased ear cleaner with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Under no circumstances should you try to clean deep in the ear canal, as it can be easily damaged, which can lead to hearing problems and even hearing loss. When cleaning, it should also be remembered that the liquid should not drain from the cotton wool, otherwise it can enter the ear canal and cause bacterial infections and other problems.

Boxers should have their nails trimmed for practical and aesthetic reasons about once a month. A well-sharpened nail clipper of any type is suitable for this, the main thing is that it is convenient for the owner of the boxer (usually a medium or large nail clipper is used). Care must be taken when cutting, but cut confidently, firmly holding the boxer's paw. It is also important not to touch the vessels located in the claw closer to its base during a haircut. It is strongly recommended to consult a veterinarian and breeder about how to properly cut a boxer's nails.

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