Dog Aggressiveness

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Dog Aggressiveness
Dog Aggressiveness

Video: Dog Aggressiveness

Video: Dog Aggressiveness
Video: showing rottweiler dog aggression ||world's most dangerous dog rottweiler. 2023, September

- Help to attach a ten-month-old mastino napoletano, we have a five-year-old child, he is afraid, and the dog behaves aggressively, and not only with him!

- Help attach the Giant Schnauzer. Excellent pedigree, two and a half years. He bit the whole family …

These are only two recent phone calls to the editorial office. Increasingly, we learn of serious manifestations of dog aggression at home against the members of the seven where they live. So what is aggression, and can we fight it?

Aggression is an expression of a dog’s general opinion of you, according to Dog Fancy magazine authors Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wolson. Dmitry Rassokhin prepared material for us on their performances. If you have a dog with a strong character and a tendency to "leadership", you must curb its aggressiveness in time.

Terrible aggressive rottweiler, dog bares its teeth, photo photo of the dog
Terrible aggressive rottweiler, dog bares its teeth, photo photo of the dog

Aggressive dogs usually begin with simple disobedience. This can be followed by outright disobedience, demonstration of threatening postures, grumbling, growling and, ultimately, biting. The first bite may surprise the inexperienced owner, but to an experienced eye it is as predictable as an impending storm for a seasoned sea wolf. Our task is to teach how to predict this storm while it is still far beyond the horizon. Let's start with readers' questions.

If I ignore aggressiveness, can it end by itself over time?

Not. Aggressiveness increases or decreases depending on the measures you take. Dog aggressiveness always grows if it is inferior. The dog grumbles - you are scared. Growls and bares your teeth - you give up. This behavior only convinces the dog that it can do whatever it wants with you, and in the future its aggressiveness towards you will surely increase.

I was advised to treat my dog more rudely. How do you like this idea?

Handling a dog roughly can range from tugging at the collar to beating, from shaking the scruff of the dog's neck to pinning it to the ground. This path is both ineffective and dangerous. Often you can only arouse the dog's defenses and increase its aggressiveness.

Of course, you must control your dog, but this is best achieved through training rather than rough violence. A dog that is aggressive may just as well try to teach you a good lesson in the form of a bite for "attacking" it.

Even if you have achieved submission of your dog through intimidation and assault, it is doubtful that your spouse or child will have this number!

Seek professional help, train your dog to obey commands. Give your dog more work and limit the attention you receive. Let him understand that you are his leader, and he is your beloved, obedient and highly valued student and follower. Most often, aggression is a reflection of the dog's general opinion of you. Change it and you should be fine.

First. It is necessary to know about aggression that at an early stage the case is usually fixable.

Second. It must be borne in mind that a healthy dog will never pounce on its owners without warning. There are clear signs that you are about to have a hard time. Each specific aggressive dog will not necessarily exhibit all of these signs, but two or three should be enough to alert you and force you to seek professional help, such as going to dog school with your pet. Let's see what these signs are.

The dog ignores commands known to it. This is so commonplace that most owners think it's just that doggy nature. This is not true. Letting your commands go on deaf ears is not only a bad habit. This is a definite sign that your dog thinks you are not worthy of his obedience at all. Think, if your dog sneezes at us, an adult, then what are the chances of your children?

Repeating a command if the dog doesn't follow it would only teach him to ignore you. Aggression most often comes from dogs who see themselves as the center of attention and head of the home. While everything goes like a doggie wants it, he looks like a real angel, but try to contradict him - and you will immediately hear a terrible roar, or even worse.

If your dog ignores you or leaves you when giving a command that has already been worked out, take it seriously. Involve the whole family in educational work. Establish clear rules that everyone must follow regarding obeying commands against jumping on furniture or taking food off the table. Get your dog to obey your command before you do anything nice for him. Make sure the pets no longer do whatever they want to with the dog or indulge it. The whole family must act as a united front to set the dog on the right path.