Some Helpful Tips On How And What To Feed Your Dog Properly

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Some Helpful Tips On How And What To Feed Your Dog Properly
Some Helpful Tips On How And What To Feed Your Dog Properly

Video: Some Helpful Tips On How And What To Feed Your Dog Properly

Video: Some Helpful Tips On How And What To Feed Your Dog Properly
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What should you feed your dog to keep it always healthy and cheerful? Experts say that the diet should be monotonous, mainly consisting of products that contain fermented milk substances of medium fat content. You should also give both raw meat and entrails (heart, liver, kidneys and others), food of plant origin, consisting of vegetables and some fruits, but not sweet.

Cereals in the form of cereals and flour products will not be beneficial, since they contain a lot of carbohydrates. This can negatively affect the intestinal microflora of the animal. And this, as you know, is the main organ responsible not only for digestion, but also for immunity.

Dog and food, photo feeding dogs photography
Dog and food, photo feeding dogs photography

What kind of meat is best for you?

The most optimal for the dog will be lean beef, not even the first freshness. Some owners feed their pets with cuttings and other, more expensive meat products. This is unnecessary, in some cases, these products can be harmful. As for pork, it is also not recommended to use it. The main thing is to give everything to cheeses.

Viscera and offal

Internal organs can also be used for feeding. According to experts, you can only use them, without regular meat. They should also only be eaten raw. It should also be borne in mind that meat is a more nutritious product than offal. However, as far as the liver and kidneys are concerned, they often do not need to be given, as they are not very well absorbed.

Parasites found in meat

Everyone knows that you can easily pick up something from raw meat, but this practically does not concern dogs. The risk of infection, for example, with worms, is practically zero. This is easily explained by the high level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach of carnivores, which helps to kill parasites.

Should a dog eat fish?

Veterinarians recommend feeding pets with sea and ocean fish, but not very often (2-3 times a week). It should only be fillet, boneless, and it must be frozen. It is also not recommended to give your dog river fish that you yourself caught, as it contains dangerous parasites.

How to treat fermented milk products?

In this matter, it is worth observing the golden mean. These foods can be given to the dog, but you need to make sure they are not too fatty (up to 9%). On the other hand, such products should not be completely fat-free. Failure to comply with these conditions threatens the weakening and violation of the stool in the animal.

How to properly divide meat and dairy food?

Here, the main thing is not to mix. At one time we give the dog kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt (just one of these), and at another time we feed it with meat (with vegetables).

Golden Retriever puppy and its owner, photo photo picture
Golden Retriever puppy and its owner, photo photo picture

Should you give your dog vegetables?

These animals mainly accept such a diet. They love carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, cabbage, and other types of vegetables. Parsley, lettuce, dill will not hurt the animal either. To keep in good shape, you can feed with just one type of vegetables. It is also helpful to give a clove of garlic several times a week.

What consistency should dog food be?

Speaking of meat, it should be cut into pieces and in no case in the form of minced meat. Hard vegetables need to be grated, and herbs are easy to chop. It should also be remembered that dogs, like cats, do not chew, but swallow food, so the size of the piece should correspond to the animal.

Eggs, bran and butter

This product should be added raw to milk formulas. Chicken as well as quail eggs are good.

The second type of diet is a beneficial source of fiber. It should be added to vegetables, or simply instead of vegetables.

Dogs can be fed with various known types of oils, as long as they are not of exotic origin.

Can dogs be fed fruit?

Fruit can be given, but not sweet. They are known to be almost all sweet, with the exception of the green apple, for example. On the other hand, if a dog wants to eat berries in the country, you shouldn't forbid it either.

Dogs of different breeds, photo dog feeding photography
Dogs of different breeds, photo dog feeding photography

Feeding dogs with bones

This product is an excellent source of phosphorus and calcium and must be present in the dog's diet. It is only necessary to take into account the size of the dog and the condition of its teeth, as well as the digestive tract.

Vitamins and minerals

If you feed your dog properly, then most likely, no extraneous supplements are needed. In spring and early summer, you can add dry yeast to your food, which has everything your pet needs.

You should never overfeed your dog.

This is one of the main mistakes of the owners. Even if all the norms are observed correctly, but in large volumes, this will also not bring anything good for the animal. You just need to watch if there is any food left in the bowl. If so, it means that the dog is already overfed. Therefore, you should not constantly refill the bowl, just before feeding.

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