Spray In Cats (cat Tags)

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Spray In Cats (cat Tags)
Spray In Cats (cat Tags)

Video: Spray In Cats (cat Tags)

Video: Spray In Cats (cat Tags)
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We got a cat for the first time. And he, as he grew up, began to lift his tail, shake it and at the same time let a stream with a bad smell directly on the furniture. What is it? How long?

The Novikov family, Norilsk.

Spraying is not the same as peeing, although the cat uses urine when spraying. However, when the cat urinates, she squats, and she sprinkles by turning, standing with her back to a vertical surface and blowing a stream of urine back. Spraying is typical for both males and females, both castrated and non- castrated, but nevertheless, males, especially non-castrated ones, are more involved in this. This is due to the presence of the male hormone testosterone.

Two cats on the street rub against each other, photo photograph
Two cats on the street rub against each other, photo photograph

Spraying has to do with anchoring: it is a smelly way of establishing territorial boundaries so other cats know who owns the area.

If your cat sprays, the following questions arise:

Is she castrated?

If not, then it is necessary to castrate it, until spraying has become a habit, from which it will be difficult to wean. Some males continue to spray after castration, as they have some of the testicular tissue that continues to produce testosterone, as a result of which the cat behaves like an uncastrated cat. The remaining tissue can be removed surgically. Hormones can also be neutralized with medication.

Does the cat (cat) think that his (her) territory is threatened?

If a new cat appears in the house, then it is this threat that the old-time animal will feel. If several cats live in the same house, then each of them needs to be allocated its own space, perhaps by giving them separate bedrooms. But most sprinkling problems occur when a “dangerous number” of cats is reached - four in the same family. Or maybe your cat is reacting to an external threat. Is there a neighbor's cat that sprinkles your pet's territory? If so, then she must be driven away.

Is your cat experiencing stress?

Cats are stressed by any change in their routine. The arrival of a new pet or child, transferring to another family, going on vacation, even changing the place of receiving food can be sufficient reasons to provoke splashing. If spraying started when the cat was transferred to another family and it can be returned back, then it is better to do so. Otherwise, you should be patient and understanding until the cat gets used to the change that has occurred.

Is there a non-castrated female nearby?

If she's in heat, it can cause your cat to spray, even if he is neutered.

Male-producers must spray. Most breeders keep them in outdoor pens where they can do as much as they please without disturbing anyone, but some have these indoors and have to get used to the smell. One owner couldn’t come to terms with this and went straight to an extraordinary step - he taught his cat (or cat ?!) to wear a baby diaper with a hole for the tail!

From the "Dictionary for Cat Lovers"