What To Name A Kitten, Cat Or Cat?

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What To Name A Kitten, Cat Or Cat?
What To Name A Kitten, Cat Or Cat?

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At all times in Russia all cats were politically literate, and they always said "Mirra myrrh!" If you want to immediately make friends with an animal accepted into the house, then, to start a kind and peaceful life together, name it correctly. Cats love diplomatic and sensible owners.

Sounds, as well as their combinations, are much more important for murkers than for humans. Our hearing range is from 16 to 20,000 Hz, in adult cats - from 30 to 65,000, in kittens up to 100,000 Hz. At the same time, the tails have almost twice as many nerve endings in the auditory nerve transmitting information to the brain.

Small kitten in a female hand, photo photograph
Small kitten in a female hand, photo photograph

Some write that it is important for cats to "decode" their nicknames, that they behave in accordance with the names given to them. Beautiful fantasies! The semantics and meanings of feline "names" are important only for their owners, who themselves build an associative array, and associate it with the behavioral features of mustachioed animals. Hypertrophying in your minds some nuances of the behavior of your favorites, and not attaching importance to others. People, take a closer look at yourself: among us there are many citizens with the name Victor, meaning "winner", but not all of the Viktor storms Everest. Most of them sit quietly, do not play pranks, do not bother anyone, and fix the stoves:).

For cats, SOUNDS and their combinations are important!

Practice shows that whistling sounds are best perceived by whiskers - the sounds "C", "Z" and "C". There is a hypothesis according to which the human speech apparatus, when pronouncing these sounds, produces overtones (overtones), the frequency characteristics of which are close to the "acoustics" of communication of small rodents. And nature itself has tuned cats to sensitive perception of these signals! It is these sounds that make your tails become more active, sharply increase their attention, and be ready for action. This is how the innate hunting instinct makes your cat react vividly to her name.

Call kittens names that include these letters

Numerous confirmations of the correctness of this simple theory are given by feline callsigns in various languages ​​of the world. We have it "kis-kis", "ks-ks", for the British "puss, puss", for the Germans "mitts, mitts" (you can hear "mits, mits"), for the Spaniards "misu, misu", for the Hungarians " tsits, tsits ", among the Serbs and Bulgarians" matz-matz ", among the Estonians" kisu-kisu ". The Japanese "oide-oide" is one of the few exceptions that prove the rule!

Funny kitten, photo photography
Funny kitten, photo photography

The owners of Vasek, Murzikov, Kuz, Barsikov, Marsikov, Mus and Bus are not the most sophisticated names of kittens for all epochs among all nations, but the correct names.

Cats also respond well to the "M" sound. For them, this is a signal of normal communication (“mine-mine” is the French analogue of the Russian “kis-kis”). And with certain combinations with other sounds (for example, "P") it is a signal of satisfaction, good mood and even tenderness.

The most popular names of cats and cats
The most popular names of cats and cats

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Avoid the hissing sounds "Ш", "Щ", "Ч", "Ж"! Your kitten, of course, will eventually get used to the name containing such letters, but it will not feel very comfortable. Hissing is perceived by cats as an extremely negative signal. Therefore, in the nickname Ksyusha there is both a correct sound and a "naming" mistake. Protect the nervous system of the new settler in the house!

From the general rules of cat naming: a nickname should contain no more than two or three syllables. Preferably two. The animal will react sluggishly to the name Katzenkugelkorb.

So, the best name for a cat includes 2 syllables, the letter "C" (or "Z" or "C"). Use this simple rule and curb your heightened creativity if necessary!

Author: Igor Kozhevnikov

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