Abyssinian Cat: Advice On The Content

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Abyssinian Cat: Advice On The Content
Abyssinian Cat: Advice On The Content

Video: Abyssinian Cat: Advice On The Content

Video: Abyssinian Cat: Advice On The Content
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How much does it cost to keep an Abyssinian cat?

The maintenance of an Abyssinian cat includes the cost of care and maintenance items (shampoo, lotions for cleaning eyes and ears, bowls, nail clipper, scratching post, sleeping place, toys, dental supplies, combs and brushes for wool, tray, tray filler, carrier, harness), feed (premium and super premium), veterinary services (vaccinations, veterinarian examination, castration or sterilization) and other unforeseen expenses.

What to buy for keeping an Abyssinian cat?

To ensure a comfortable life for your pet, you must purchase the following items in advance:

- two or three bowls (preferably ceramic or iron);

- tray and scoop for filler;

- scratching post;

- a bed or a sleeping house.

Abyssinian cat content, photo picture picture
Abyssinian cat content, photo picture picture

Whether it is necessary to use litter for the tray, everyone decides for himself. You can not buy a bed or a house for cats at a pet store, but make it yourself from scrap materials. As they say, YouTube will help you.

To protect furniture from the sharp claws of the Abyssinian, a scratching post is needed. They come in a wide variety of types, shapes and colors. They use a variety of materials. Praise your kitten every time he sharpens his claws on her.

What toys to choose for Abyssinians?

Since Abyssinian cats are playful animals, any cat toys will suit them. They especially love interactive toys that will fully allow them to throw out their hunting instinct.

Don't give too many toys at once. Better to offer a new toy when the old one is tired of the kitten. Take the old one away. Therefore, change toys as your cat's interest in them wanes. If an Abyssinian has a favorite toy, then it should not be hidden.

Ping-pong balls, a variety of balls, bottle caps, pieces of paper, large bird feathers, laser pointers, puzzle toys, mice with various fillings, fishing rods, reels on strings, tease toys, tweeters, etc. Now in pet stores you can buy many interesting and funny toys that will please your Abyssinian.

Abyssinian cat content, photo picture picture
Abyssinian cat content, photo picture picture

Are Abyssinian cats clean?

Very clean. They need a clean and comfortable toilet. You can train your pet to use an ordinary litter box without filler or netting, but an automatic toilet is ideal, since the Abyssinian cat will not do "its business" in a dirty litter box. Getting accustomed to such a toilet takes a little longer than to a regular litter box, but in this case, when you return home, you will not have unpleasant "surprises."

You can solve the problem of a clean tray by purchasing a second tray and placing it next to the first. It will, of course, be cheaper than buying an automatic toilet. The third option is to train your cat to go to the toilet. Pet stores sell ready-made systems for teaching a cat to go to the toilet.

What litters are suitable for Abyssinian cats?

Abyssinians prefer natural fillings. The most convenient and economical are sawdust compressed into pellets. They absorb odors and moisture well, are inexpensive and easy to dispose of - the used filler is flushed down the toilet. But it should be remembered that only pressed wood filler and in small portions at a time can be flushed down the drain. All other types of fillers must be disposed of as normal waste.

Abyssinian cat content, photo picture picture
Abyssinian cat content, photo picture picture

What house or “cat tree” should I buy for an Abyssinian cat?

The higher and more complex the "cat tree" is, the better. Abyssinians are very active and mobile, so such a play complex should fully satisfy your pet's need for physical activity. The complex should have: a scratching post, a house (one or more) and pipes, boxes, ladders, toys on a string, hammocks, etc. are also possible. The more complex the "cat tree", the more expensive it is and takes up more space. In small apartments, a good alternative to such a tree will be a complex under the ceiling, which you can build yourself from scrap materials (YouTube to help).

Do I need to neuter a cat or neuter a cat if there is no desire to mess with the offspring?

It is more humane to sterilize / castrate. These treatments reduce the likelihood of certain cancers, prevent hormonal imbalances, and lower the risk of serious illness. If you are against surgical intervention in your Murka's life, think, because a cat, being in heat, can run away from home, and no one knows what will happen to her on the street. The same can be said for the cat. Having smelled a cat in heat, cats sometimes show miracles of ingenuity to get what they want. After castration / neutering, animals become less territorial and prone to vagrancy, and the likelihood of cat tags decreases.

Abyssinian cat: character
Abyssinian cat: character

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After sterilization / castration of the animal, its diet must be changed. The animal is transferred to a specially formulated food to avoid weight gain and maintain the health of the Abyssinian's urinary system.

How to secure the apartment in which the Abyssinian lives?

Any apartment where animals live must be secured: hide away various chemicals and houseplants (many of them are poisonous to cats); remove fragile, easily breakable items from the shelves; to put on the windows special "anti-cat" bars; make sure that all doors and latches are tightly closed and the cat cannot open them; secure large objects that could crush or injure the cat.