Burmese, Or Burmese Cat: Tips For The Care Of Hair, Eyes, Teeth And Ears

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Burmese, Or Burmese Cat: Tips For The Care Of Hair, Eyes, Teeth And Ears
Burmese, Or Burmese Cat: Tips For The Care Of Hair, Eyes, Teeth And Ears

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How long does it take to care for a Burmese cat and what care products should I buy?

Burmese cats are very easy to care for. Maintenance does not take much time and can be done with ease even by a novice owner.

A rubber brush should be purchased for grooming. It will cost the owners about 160-270 rubles. A shampoo for short-haired cats will also be needed. It costs from 70 rubles per bottle (250 ml). This amount is enough for one or even two years, since Burmese do not need regular washing. A nail clipper (from 350 rubles), dental supplies (brush from 100 rubles and paste from 100 rubles) should be included in the shopping list. There should be a small piece of silk, fur or suede, as well as cotton wool and gauze napkins.

If possible, it is recommended to buy a furminator (from 1500 rubles). This is a very useful thing that allows you to bring home grooming closer to a professional one. Furminator effectively removes dead hair, making the coat of the Burmese cat more shiny, well-groomed and neat. Drops for the care of the auricles and special drops from the lacrimal paths will not be superfluous.

Burmese, Burmese kittens, photo of cat breed photography
Burmese, Burmese kittens, photo of cat breed photography

How to care for Burmese wool?

Burmese cats have short hair, but this does not mean that they do not need to be looked after. Brush your cat with a rubber brush once a week. And during the period of seasonal molting, it is recommended to carry out this procedure twice as often. It is necessary to teach a cat to comb from an early age, so that in the future there are no problems. After brushing, it is recommended to rub the coat with a piece of fur, silk or suede.

How to bathe a Burmese cat, and how often?

Burmese need not be washed at all if they do not visit the street. The coat of these cats is resistant to pollution, besides, the animals are clean and keep themselves clean. Burmese cats can be bathed once every 3-4 months and before the show. To do this, use a shampoo for short-haired cats or another special shampoo. Before bathing, you should plug the cat's ears with pieces of cotton wool so that water does not get into them. It is recommended to dry the coat only with a towel (no hair dryer), so as not to dry out the delicate skin of the cat.

How to care for teeth, ears, eyes of a Burmese cat?

The teeth of the Burmese must be monitored carefully. The formation of tartar, an unpleasant odor from the mouth, plaque - this not only reduces the attractiveness of the Burmese cat, but also harms its health. It is necessary to brush your teeth at least once a week with a special toothpaste. It is also recommended to purchase a special brush. Brushing is carried out with sweeping movements (from the base of the tooth to the edges).

The ears should be examined once a week during a general examination of the animal. Excess sulfur is removed with a napkin dipped in vegetable oil or a special ear lotion. If you find an ear mite, you need to contact your veterinarian who will select the appropriate treatment.

Due to the structure of the muzzle, Burmese cats are prone to increased tearing, so the eyes of Burmese must be examined every day and the secretions must be removed with a clean cloth dipped in cool boiled water or in eye care lotion. A separate napkin is used for each eye. If eye inflammation is detected, you can use Maxitrol, Iris and Tsiprovet drops. If this does not help, you should contact a medical institution.

Burmese, or Burmese cat
Burmese, or Burmese cat

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Do Burmese claws need to be trimmed?

Yes. Despite the fact that Burmese cats do not tend to release their claws, they need to be trimmed. It is recommended to cut the nails twice a month with a special nail clipper. They cut only 1-2 mm from each claw, trying not to touch the living (opaque) tissue.

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