TICA And CFA Devon Rex Breed Standard

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TICA And CFA Devon Rex Breed Standard
TICA And CFA Devon Rex Breed Standard

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General form. Devon Rexes have a unique appearance. Large eyes, rounded head, short muzzle, prominent cheekbones and huge, like butterfly wings, low-set ears make them look like elves. The refined body is well covered with fine, delicate, soft hair with a small short wave. Wool has a peculiar texture, since this mutation is different from all other types of wool and has been cultivated for a long time. Devon Rex shows a keen interest in everything around him, he is mobile and active.

Head. Modified wedge. Seen from the front, this wedge is outlined by three tapering convex curves: the outer edge of the ears, the cheekbones, and the pads of the whiskers. Cheekbone, small, rounded with full cheeks. The width of the head of the Devon Rex is almost equal to its length. Strong chin with a pinch with a short muzzle. Seen in profile, a nose with a distinct stop; the forehead, rounded back, passes into a flat skull. The muzzle is short, well developed. Protruding mustache pads. The length of the nose is at most 1/4 of the total length of the head. A rather graceful neck of medium length and thickness. The mustache and eyebrows are curled, of medium length and rather thick.

Ears. Incredibly large, very wide and low set, so that the outer base of the ear is below the wedge line, with rounded tips, very wide at the base. The ears are well covered with fine hair, they may have ear muffs (hair at the base of the ears) and tassels like a lynx.

Devon Rex, cat breed photo
Devon Rex, cat breed photo

Eyes. Set far apart, oval, large, clear, shiny, their outer corners level with the outer bases of the ears. Uniform, intense eye color should match the coat or, with the exception of Siamese Devon Rex, be yellow, golden green or green.

A type. Sturdy, compact. Housing. Muscular and heavy (by weight), with rather thin bones, graceful, with a broad chest, of medium length. Cats are larger than cats, but without disturbing the general proportions.

Legs and feet. The legs are elegant but strong, the hind legs are slightly longer than the front. Feet are oval and small. Tail. Long, biting, well covered with short hair, fine and pointed.

Wool.Very short, wavy, fine and soft, without visible guard hairs. Shortest on the chest, limbs, crown, tail and belly, but slightly longer on the muzzle, thighs, flanks and back. Should completely cover the body. Especially thick on the back, legs, muzzle, cheeks and ears, sides, tail; less dense on the neck, crown, chest and abdomen. Many Devon Rexes have a very thin coat on the lower part of the body - this should not be considered baldness. A sparse coat in front of the base of the ears is also not a fault. The waviness effect is especially noticeable on the back and tail, and is especially pronounced when you run your hand over the coat (“elastic” coat), “rex”. All coat colors are allowed, including varieties with white in any quantity. Small white specks are possible, even in colors that usually do not allow this.Individuals with a Siamese color are called Si-rex (Si-rex).

Color. Any color is allowed.

Disadvantages. Shaggy or smooth coat; hairless areas in kittens are considered a defect, and in adult animals it is a serious defect; long narrow head; squat body; insufficient strength of the muscles; set high or small ears; short, hairless or bushy tail; white markings in Siamese color.

Devon rex
Devon rex

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Disqualification. Extensive baldness, abnormal or kinked tail, incorrect number of toes, squint, weak hind legs. Any signs of illness or ill health

Scale of points

Head - 35

Size and shape - 10

Muzzle and chin - 5

Profile - 5

Eyes - 5

Ears - 10

Body - 30

Torso - 10

Paws - 10

Tail - 5

Neck - 5

Coat - 30

Thickness - 10

Texture and length - 10

Waviness - 10

Color - 5

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