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Devon Rex: Content Features
Devon Rex: Content Features

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What are the features of keeping a Devon Rex?

Despite the unusual coat, Devon Rex do not need special "greenhouse" maintenance. The same conditions and rules are suitable for them as for many other cat breeds. In the early years of Devon Rex life, you will need to take precautions, some of which will be relevant throughout the cat's life.

For example, it is necessary to ensure that the toilet lid, buckets of water, and the aquarium are always closed, so that the curious pet does not accidentally drown, and there are no threads, ribbons, pins in the Devon Rex accessibility zone (and this, I must say, almost everywhere), needles, small items, tinsel, New Year's rain and other similar items that a mischievous kitten can swallow after playing. Over time, the Devon Rex will not be so curious, gain experience and knowledge about these items, and this threat will be minimized, but some items will have to be hidden all their lives while the cat is in the house.

It is also necessary to monitor household chemicals, anti-rodent products, medicines. All this should be beyond the reach of the Devon Rex. Throughout the Devonian's life, it is necessary to monitor the plants in the house. First of all, you need to check how dangerous they are.

Devon Rex cat breed photo picture
Devon Rex cat breed photo picture

All plants that pose a threat to cats (most often houseplants containing milky sap) should be kept in such places or at such a height that they do not have the slightest opportunity to reach them. The same should be done with valuable plants and with any others if the owner does not want to be damaged by the cat. Oddly enough, cacti coexist quite peacefully with cats, but only spherical and cylindrical, but prickly pears, as well as all succulents, risk being bitten, no matter how many needles they have.

It is necessary to install special "anti-cat" nets on the windows in the apartment so that the animal does not accidentally fall out of the window. Devon Rex are calm representatives of the feline world, they can enthusiastically and even sympathetically consider what is happening outside the window, but without rushing out. However, when chasing a fly, cats can jump onto the net and, if it is not properly secured, glide down on it. Food waste buckets also deserve special attention. They must be with a lid and be either high (on a chair, for example) or far away (under the sink behind the doors of the headset, for example). Attracted by the smell, Devons can gorge themselves on food that is dangerous to them, including swallowing fish bones.

Devon Rexes are purely domestic cats that have absolutely no place on the street, so it is best not to let them out of the house, except on a harness. If the owner of the Devon Rex wants to walk his pet, then you should start at an early age to reduce the stress of the first walk (the psyche of young cats is more flexible). You should also take care of the appropriate vaccination of the Devon Rex in advance. If the owner plans to take walks regularly, then it should be borne in mind that preventive measures against helminths, fleas, ticks and others, as well as care procedures, will need to be carried out twice as often.

What do you need to buy to keep a Devon Rex?

Bowlsit is recommended to purchase special for animals. Cat dishes should be kept clean and stored separately from the owner's. Bowls must be appropriate for the size of the pet. Devon Rex are medium-sized cats, bowls up to 1 liter are suitable for them. Plastic bowls are the most popular for their huge assortment of shapes, colors and sizes, as well as their low price. However, they are not the best choice, since they are too light and over time accumulate indelible dirt in microcracks, on the basis of which pathogenic bacteria begin to develop. For feeding Devon Rex, it is recommended to choose ceramic or porcelain bowls, the main disadvantage of which is fragility. Metal bowls will work as well, but they can build up static electricity. Bowls with anti-slip pads are good to use.Choose a deep bowl for water.

Devon Rex kitten, cat breed photo photo picture
Devon Rex kitten, cat breed photo photo picture

Restroom- an essential item. Devon Rexes enter their new home already accustomed to the litter box. To get used to your new home and toilet more quickly, it is recommended that you use the same type of litter as the breeder, and also take some litter from the old litter box and put it in the new one. In fact, the configuration of the tray does not really matter for the Devon Rex, the main thing is to show the cat what this item is for. It is worth noting that when buying a tray, you need to focus on the size of an adult cat, that is, the height of the sides should be higher than 6 cm, since kittens grow quickly, and buying two trays when one is enough is not economical. On the other hand, there are cats that go to two litter boxes at once - one in a small way and in the other in a big way. In this case, the trays must be placed next to each other.If you have a large apartment or house, then place two trays on opposite sides of the house while the kitten is small. If an apartment or house is on several floors, then on each floor it is necessary to put a tray. It is advisable to use fillers that are safe for kittens. Many breeders recommend Naturel's # 1 litters. Corn "and No. 1" For Kittens ".

A scratching post is another essential item. It can be of any type, or it can be homemade. If the scratching post is small in size and at the same time flat, then it will have to be repeatedly outweighed higher and higher as the Devon Rex grows. Pillar scratching posts work best. They do not need to be adjusted in height, they often come with a toy, and there is a platform at the top that Devons like to sit / lie on. However, such scratching posts take up a relatively large amount of space in the apartment and are more expensive than flat ones. It is worth noting that the presence of a scratching post in the house does not save the owners from cutting the Devon Rex's claws, but significantly reduces his interest in furniture and carpets.

Devon rex
Devon rex

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A sleeping place is not required, as cats can sleep anywhere, and they can simply ignore the purchased sleeping place and continue to relax on the couch. However, Devon Rex will certainly appreciate such sleeping places where they can be in silence and darkness, for example, soft houses, "pipes" and the like.

Carrying is needed mainly for visits to the veterinarian and travel. They can be supplemented with winter covers and disposable diapers.

Devon Rex are moderately playful. They need a few toys for independent games, because they prefer to play with the owner in absolutely any games offered to them: at least to hunt for a candy wrapper, at least to run for a rope or catch a feather. When the owner is not at home, the Devon Rex has many "important" things to do: to make a thorough walk around the territory or to sleep. Their paws also reach games, so one or two toys still need to be left, but toys for playing with owners are recommended to be removed to ensure their integrity and maintain interest in them. Recently, interactive toys and puzzle toys have been gaining popularity. They will be especially useful when you are busy with something, and the Devon wants to play and communicate.

A first aid kit is a must. Devon Rex cats, although calm cats, but life situations are very different, so a veterinary first aid kit is necessary. What should be included in it should be checked with the breeder or veterinarian. It is important to check the expiration dates of drugs in a timely manner and replace them with new drugs.

For maintenance, you will also need high quality food, vitamins, items and hygiene products for care.

It is important to remember that the most important thing in the maintenance is not the quantity and high cost of items for the cat, but the love and care of the owner. Only with their presence will the Devon Rex be happy.

Authors: wolchonokW7, Gurieva S.

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