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What do you need to keep a Napoleon (minuet)?

There are no difficulties in keeping Napoleons, however, it is very important to be careful in everything. Minuets are dwarf cats, they are two and sometimes three times smaller than ordinary domestic cats, therefore, it is necessary to be careful when moving around the house. Napoleons are very active, they love to run and jump. While playing, they, for example, can trap the owners and jump out of the most incredible places.

Before Napoleon appears in a new home, the house must be prepared. On the floor and in other accessible places there should be no electrical wires, poisonous plants, household chemicals (especially open bags), rodent control agents, basins or buckets of water without lids, as well as small objects that the kitten can swallow, etc. All opening windows must be equipped with special nets - "anti-catches". Standard nets will usually support the weight of an adult minuet, but it doesn't hurt to reinforce them.

All the necessary items for maintenance and care must be purchased in advance in order to immediately provide the pet with a comfortable environment, and from the first days to teach it to grooming. It is recommended to purchase a tray / toilet, litter and scoop (optional or if the tray is without a mesh), two bowls, a scratching post and a sleeping place (house or lounger).

It is recommended to choose a tray with "entrance" or with low sides (about 10 cm). If it is supposed to use a filler, then woody or clumping will be optimal. For small kittens, they buy fillers from natural materials: grain, corn and cellulose waste. These fillers can be flushed down the toilet (in small portions). The rest of the fillers are disposed of as ordinary household waste. It is advisable to lay a special rug in front of the tray so that when leaving the tray, the cat does not take the litter around the house.

Napoleon (dwarf cat), minuet, photo photography
Napoleon (dwarf cat), minuet, photo photography

The best bowls for food and water are ceramic. The optimal bowl size is 10-12 cm in diameter. Instead of a water bowl, you can use a dedicated cat fountain.

Napoleons, as small cats, are well suited for rope and small (35-50 cm) planks upholstered with fabric scratching posts.

It is highly recommended to purchase a sleeping place / lounger for Napoleon and teach him to rest there. As a rule, closed houses are “uncomfortable” for dwarf cats, so it is better to choose among baskets, beds and similar sleeping places for cats. The size of the berth for the minuet should correspond to the size of the cat stretched out to its full height, and the walls should completely hide the pet from drafts, their height should not be lower than 20 cm. The berth should not be placed near batteries, heaters, doors and windows. The best would be a quiet, calm place, located at a low altitude, where no one will disturb the pet.

Napoleon (minuet) - dwarf cat
Napoleon (minuet) - dwarf cat

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Do not forget about Napoleon's leisure time. Pet stores sell a huge variety of all kinds of cat toys. If there is a financial limitation, the owners can buy only the most interesting toys for cats - a feather toy, a soft, tasty-smelling "mouse" and a small ball. Since minuets are quite active cats, it is recommended to purchase interactive (squealing, rustling, moving, flashing) toys, and to keep the pet busy for a long time - a variety of puzzle toys. So that the toys do not get bored, it is advisable to change them every week (we hide one toy, and give another in return).

For safety reasons, cats of this breed cannot be allowed outside. In keeping, it is also important to maintain the correct feeding regimen, provide competent and timely care, and visit the veterinarian on time. For Napoleons, monobreed or solitary keeping is more suitable.

In addition to the above items, you must purchase a veterinary first-aid kit and a carrier for cats (for travel, trips to the veterinarian, etc.).

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