Oriental, Or Oriental Cat: Buying A Kitten

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Oriental, Or Oriental Cat: Buying A Kitten
Oriental, Or Oriental Cat: Buying A Kitten

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How much does an oriental cat kitten cost?

Oriental cats are a widespread cat breed. Despite the competition between nurseries, prices remain average. For a pet-class kitten with documents, they ask from 10,000 to 20,000 rubles. Kittens of unknown origin are cheaper. Purebred oriental breed kittens (allowed for breeding) cost from 25,000 to 40,000 rubles, and show-class cats are even more expensive - from 45,000 to 80,000 rubles.

The cost of each kitten is determined individually and, as a rule, depends on various factors, one of the determining factors is the exterior, color, pedigree of the parents and their merits, the popularity of the cattery, etc.

Abroad, oriental kittens of "average" quality cost between $ 75- $ 150, for breed and show-class kittens you will have to pay $ 600- $ 1500.

Oriental, oriental kitten, photo photography
Oriental, oriental kitten, photo photography

Where to buy an oriental cat kitten?

Orientals are often bred with Siamese cats, so finding a geographically close cattery will not be difficult. You can try your luck abroad, but in this case, you need to be prepared to incur additional costs and spend several weeks, or even months, waiting. No responsible breeder will sell you a kitten under 12-16 weeks old. Most nurseries sell retired pedigree adult orientals (who have finished their show career). Usually such animals are inexpensive and sometimes it is even better than buying a small kitten.

If the breed of the cat is not important, but only the external resemblance to oriental cats is enough, then you can look for a kitten in the city's markets or Internet portals specializing in the sale of animals.

Oriental, or oriental cat
Oriental, or oriental cat

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What to ask a breeder when buying an oriental kitten?

Everything that only seems important and useful. In order not to miss some points, it is recommended to write down all the questions of interest before traveling to the breeder. Before asking, you should observe oriental parents and kittens, if possible, play with them.

If one of the manufacturers is not present at the time of your visit, you should definitely see a photo (or better video) with him. If the breeder cannot provide anything of this, then it is worth considering whether it is worth taking a "pig in a poke". Genetics are very important. Oriental parents, who are hidden from potential buyers of their kittens, most likely have significant defects in the exterior or are not healthy.

After observing the cats and drawing conclusions about their exterior, temperament, behavior, etc., you can proceed to clarifying questions.

In a conversation with the breeder, it is desirable to clarify information about the parents (age, quantity and "quality" of mating, health, etc.) and kittens (vaccination, castration / sterilization, deworming, general health, character, behavior, etc.).

Cat mom and kittens, Oriental, oriental kitten, photo photography
Cat mom and kittens, Oriental, oriental kitten, photo photography

You should also find out about how the pregnancy proceeded, whether there were any complications, whether all the kittens survived, if not, then why. Information about the rules of care, maintenance and feeding, the schedule of vaccinations and deworming, the necessary medications, and the prevention of diseases is also important.

It should be clarified whether the kittens are accustomed to the tray and scratching post. If orientals are purebred, you should look at the pedigrees of both parents, find out the rules for exchanging metrics for pedigree. When buying a show-class kitten, it will be useful to involve a specialist who understands this breed in the choice of a pet. If the breeder is experienced, then the legal issues related to the purchase (contract for the sale of a kitten and a receipt for receiving money for it) and the maintenance of a thoroughbred cat, as well as issues of proper transportation of animals, will not be ignored.

What documents should an oriental have?

Purebred representatives of the breed must have a metric or pedigree, a birth certificate and a veterinary passport. Oriental cats without proven ancestry must have at least a veterinary passport. Additionally, you can request a certificate of the kitten's health and confirming the absence of hereditary diseases (results of DNA tests).

How do oriental cats differ from Siamese cats?

Color and eye color.

Is it true that oriental cats are very talkative?

Yes it is. For lovers of silence, cats of this breed are not suitable. Orientals accompany with "comments" almost everything that they do themselves, and that seems to them worthy of attention.

Authors: wolchonokW7, Gurieva S.

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