Napoleon: Grooming Hair, Teeth, Eyes, Ears And Claws

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Napoleon: Grooming Hair, Teeth, Eyes, Ears And Claws
Napoleon: Grooming Hair, Teeth, Eyes, Ears And Claws

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How long does it take to take care of Napoleon and what care products should you buy?

If you train Napoleon to grooming in time, then caring for him will not take much time. A complete weekly grooming of dwarf cats takes on average 30 minutes.

To care for the minuet, you will need:

- a metal comb with sparse teeth, - a natural bristle brush or a good metal massage brush with an antistatic coating, - clippers or clippers, - ear cleaner, - dental supplies (brush, paste), - shampoo for cats

- cotton swabs and cotton wool.

Napoleon, minuet, photo cat picture
Napoleon, minuet, photo cat picture

How to care for napoleon's coat?

The Napoleons are combed out with natural bristle brushes. The coat should be combed and tidied about once a week, increasing the number of treatments during the seasonal shedding period. Combing begins from the head, moving as if in a ring: back - hind legs - stomach - front legs.

How to bathe a minuet?

You can bathe Napoleons in a basin with high walls so that the cat cannot jump out of it, and is in a confined space convenient for the owner. The water level should not be higher than the belly of the minuet. If there are two people (the one that holds and the one that washes), then you can even bathe in the sink, having previously laid a rubber mat or towel on the bottom so that the pet's paws do not slip. The plus of the basin is in a limited space, and the minus is in the absence of draining the water. The advantage of the sink is that you can use running water, the negative is that it is inconvenient for both the cat and the owners.

Before bathing, it is recommended to plug the cat's ears with cotton wool to avoid getting water into them.

Wool is lathered 1-2 times in the direction from the neck (without touching the head) to the tail. The head is gently wiped with a damp sponge without using shampoo. Shampoo for washing Napoleons should be selected at the pet store, focusing on the type of wool. After rinsing thoroughly, wipe the wool thoroughly with a bath towel. Drying with a hair dryer is acceptable but not desirable.

How to care for Napoleon's teeth?

To take care of the minuet's teeth, it is recommended to purchase a special toothbrush of the smallest size from pet stores. For cleaning teeth, pastes developed for animals are used. They don't foam, they don't need to be washed off, and they come in a variety of flavors. They are safe to swallow. It is advisable to brush your teeth as often as possible to avoid possible dental problems, as well as to rid Napoleon's teeth of plaque. Cleaning should be carried out carefully, without pressing hard, with sweeping movements (from the base of the tooth to its edge).

Napoleon, minuet, photo photography dwarf cats
Napoleon, minuet, photo photography dwarf cats

Since most of the breed has crowded teeth (due to a flat face), before brushing your teeth, you should inspect the gums, cheeks (from the inside) and teeth for inflammation, swelling, redness, dark spots and plaque. It does not matter how often you brush your teeth to Napoleon, the pet should be regularly shown to a specialist, since the face of Napoleons is rather small and it is difficult to completely clean your teeth yourself.

How to care for your ears?

Minuets' ears should be cleaned as soon as they become dirty - once or twice a month. It is better not to touch clean ears at all. Many wearers clean their ears with restrained cotton swabs (for newborns). Instead of sticks, you can use gauze wipes, previously soaked in oil (vaseline, vegetable) or in a special lotion for ear care. It is necessary to remove impurities only in the visible ear area.

Napoleon (minuet) - dwarf cat
Napoleon (minuet) - dwarf cat

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How to care for the minuet's eyes?

It is advisable to examine the eyes of the Napoleons every day. If discharge was noticed (they should be in a healthy cat, but in minimal quantities), then they should be removed with a damp gauze napkin or cotton cloth (for example, a handkerchief) dipped in cool boiled water or special eye lotion. A separate napkin or piece of cloth is used for each eye. If the cat has a light coat, then with constant lacrimation "lacrimal paths" are formed. At pet stores, you can buy special products: lotions, cleansers, powders, bleaches, etc.

In case of persistent lacrimation in Napoleon, be sure to consult with your veterinarian, as foci of fungal infection can form in such places.

How to care for napoleon's claws?

The claws of Napoleons cause minor inconvenience to the owners, however, this procedure is often necessary. It is recommended to do this as the claws grow or once a month. To do this, you can use small claws (preferably with a limiter plate). Tweezers or nail clippers should be well sharpened so as not to break claws or leave burrs. Cut off no more than 1 mm from each claw. The presence of a scratching post does not save minuet owners from caring for their claws.

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