TICA Snow Shoe Breed Standard

TICA Snow Shoe Breed Standard
TICA Snow Shoe Breed Standard

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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The head of the snow shoo is shaped like a modified wedge, is as long as wide, slightly rounded, of medium size and well proportioned. The forehead is flat, pronounced high cheekbones. The nose is of good length, neither too wide nor pointed. The neck is of medium length, proportional in size to the head and body of the animal.

The ears are medium in size with softly rounded tips, wide at the base. You can draw a straight line from the outside of the head, where the ears are attached, to their tips (with the ears set slightly forward).

The eyes are large, walnut-shaped, larger in diameter than almond-shaped eyes. The length of the eye is greater than its width. Eye color - any shade of blue, preference is given to more intense color.

The body is shaped like a medium-sized rectangle, cats are slightly smaller and lighter than cats, but should not be fragile and too loose. The body should not be of the oriental (light) or cobby type.

Snow shue, photo picture picture
Snow shue, photo picture picture

Paws are long enough, in proportion to the body. The paw pads are medium in size, oval.

The tail is thin at the base, gradually tapering towards the tip. The length of the tail is average, not less than the length of the body and is measured along the line of the hind legs. The tail should be in proportion to the overall length of the animal.

Coat from short to half length, general appearance - healthy and shiny coat. Soft and silky to the touch.

Accepted colors: seal -point, blue-point.

Patterns and Colors: Clear contrast between body color, spot color and white patterned areas. At first glance, areas with pictures stand out sharply. The chin is white or spotted, and it is also white with spots. A white bib or collar around the neck is acceptable. The nose can be white, dots, pink, or spotted.

The color of the coat should be the same shade as the shading allowed on the shoulders, sides and back, followed by lighter shading in the chest and abdomen. White color on the upper torso, head, throat and upper thighs is usually present and is not subject to a fine for this animal. Older animals may be darker in color, as cats generally darken with age. The contrast between body color and markings must be visible. Kittens are usually lighter in color.

The color of the coat in the area of ​​the mask, on the tail, ears and legs should be dense and completely defined. These areas should be equally shaded. The mask is located on the entire muzzle (excluding areas with a white pattern), it can extend to the ears. The preferred pattern on the muzzle is a white "muzzle" in the form of an inverted V running from the mouth to the sideburns and brow ridges. The preferred pattern on the legs is crisp white "boots" - up to the ankle on the front legs and to the knee bend on the hind legs. It is imperative that the white spots on the front legs are of the same height, on the hind legs the same (there must be clear symmetrical pairs). The nose and paw pads can be pink or point, or a combination of these colors.

Snow shoo (cat)
Snow shoo (cat)

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Strong, muscular animal, no overweight / underweight, Proportions: The cat is of medium size, proportions are harmonious. Even if the animal is long, it should not appear overly flexible or thin.

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