Ocicat: Buying A Kitten, Feeding And Keeping

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Ocicat: Buying A Kitten, Feeding And Keeping
Ocicat: Buying A Kitten, Feeding And Keeping

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How much does an Ocicat kitten cost and where can I buy it?

If earlier it was possible to buy Ocicats only in the USA and European countries, today these exotic-colored cats can be purchased in Russia. In 2019, there are three nurseries in our country (Amagitsune * RU, EmiBell * RU, Otsik), engaged in breeding this breed. And since in the litters of Ocicats, on average, only three kittens are born and two of them are males (according to CFA statistics), it will be quite difficult to find a suitable kitten in a breed or show class. Cats sold for breeding are more expensive than cats.

The cost of Ocicat kittens depends on the purpose of the purchase (and gender, respectively), the age of the Ocicat, the quality of the exterior, the rarity of the color, the level of the cattery, the costs of breeding and keeping cats in the cattery, and related services.

Prices for pet-class kittens (a pet, due to serious deviations from the standard, does not have the right to be a manufacturer; as a rule, they are neutered / neutered by the breeder in order to keep the line clean) start from 25,000-35,000 rubles. Kittens for breeding and show classes cost 50,000 rubles and more.

Ocicat, photo cat picture
Ocicat, photo cat picture

It is not recommended to purchase Ocicats from unregistered breeders, as there is a high probability of deception.

You can look for nurseries abroad, but there are not many of them either. In America, the price of pet-class kittens ranges from $ 350 to $ 600, and of the breed-class kittens - from $ 800 to $ 1500 and above. Prices do not include kitten delivery and related costs.

At what age can an Ocicat kitten be taken home?

Most breeders do not give kittens under three months old, especially if the kitten has a long journey to another city or country. At this age, kittens are already vaccinated, microchipped, proglated, litter boxed, socialized, neutered or neutered (in some countries, early neutering / neutering is not allowed).

What to feed the Ocicat?

There is currently no unequivocal opinion about what is the best way to feed the Ocicats. However, the most commonly recommended type of feeding for this breed is mixed feeding. Experts believe that wet food is more useful for Ocicats (especially for the prevention of urolithiasis). Based on this, it would seem, breeders should advise feeding cats with natural products and nothing more.

Ocicat (cat)
Ocicat (cat)

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However, natural feeding is not feeding scraps from the master's table. This type of cat feeding involves not only significant financial costs (after all, high-quality products are not cheap), but also large time costs associated with regular cooking for the Ocicat. But one of the most important reasons why natural feeding is rarely found in the recommendations of Ocicat breeders is the difficulty in balancing it. To create a well-balanced diet, you need to read specialized literature and use special tables. Not to mention, the diet must change throughout a cat's life. You cannot feed a kitten like an adult animal, and a sick one like a healthy one. That is, you will have to constantly adjust the diet, which is also costly, both in time and in money.

Ocicat, photo cat picture
Ocicat, photo cat picture

That is why ready-made professional cat food is very convenient. For Ocicat, it is necessary to choose only super premium food (dry and wet), that is, the best and fully satisfying their nutritional needs. If canned (wet) food is chosen, then, as many breeders believe, there is no need for natural products. If the basis of the diet is dry food, then it is recommended to use it when feeding in the morning and afternoon, and in the evening to give the Ocicats natural products or wet food (canned food).

Recommended natural products: meat (raw or scalded with boiling water, lean, in no case pork!), Boiled offal, sour-milk unsweetened foods (especially cottage cheese), vegetables (except legumes), cereals with a low gluten content (in the form of cereals), sea fish (only good quality, not pollock, raw or slightly boiled, boneless and headless, no more than 2 times a week). Vitamin-mineral complexes must be used carefully and taking into account the age and condition of the cat. It must be remembered that an overdose of vitamins such as A and D is hazardous to health.

Recently, a raw food diet has become increasingly popular. Proponents of this type of feeding argue that cats should eat what their wild ancestors eat, citing a variety of examples of the overall health benefits of pets. To date, there is not a single serious scientific study that would confirm this. The opinions of breeders who switched their Ocicats to such feeding are contradictory. Some cats feel great, while others develop stomach and intestinal problems. Those. everything is very individual.

Foods prepared for humans should not be given to Ocicats, as they are usually high in sugar, salt, and other food (and often not very healthy) additives.

Always keep the water in your Ocicat bowl fresh and clean. You can use a special cat fountain instead of a bowl. Water filters are built into such fountains, so the water stays clean longer in them and there is no need to constantly change the water.

The amount of food in one portion is determined individually and depends on the age of the cat, physical condition and health. The approximate feed consumption can be seen on the packages of the finished feed.

What and how often to feed the Ocicat?

Kittens are fed 4-5 times a day in small portions, as they grow older, portions are increased, and the frequency of feeding is reduced. By the year of the Ocicat, they are transferred to adult feeding 2-3 times a day.

What are the features of ocicat content?

Ocicats are quite large cats (adult cats can weigh up to 7 kg) and are also very playful, so they need a lot of space where they can frolic. A small room and the inability to leave it (walk) can stress pets.

Ocicat, photo cat picture
Ocicat, photo cat picture

Many breeders recommend building an enclosure for their pets in the house so that they can play freely in the fresh air, climb and satisfy their need for movement, and the owners do not worry that such gorgeous cats as Ocicats may be stolen or injured by other animals. As a rule, a living tree or its imitation is installed in the aviary. It is also necessary to make a shelter there, place several toys and a bowl of water. The aviary should be disinfected once a quarter and cleaned weekly.

Urban residents, as a rule, cannot afford to build an aviary near the house, so it is recommended to purchase and install special cat climbing complexes in the apartment (on the walls or under the ceiling). In addition to such a complex, it is necessary to purchase a tall "cat tree". The more difficult it is, the better.

In the house, it is necessary to keep an eye on items of value to the owners or dangerous to the Ocicat, which may be perceived by the cat as toys. It is recommended to put them in a safe place. Remember that Ocicats are smart and quickly learn to open room doors and cabinet doors. In addition, their size and strong hindquarters allow them to climb very high. This must be taken into account when placing indoor plants, valuable and fragile things. All decorative flowers must be checked for the presence of toxic substances (milky sap most often), and potentially dangerous ones should be placed in a place that the Ocicat will definitely not be able to reach.

It is advisable to install special anti-cathode nets with strong fasteners on the windows.

What to buy for Ocicat maintenance?

Basically, the content of Ocicats is not much different from the content of cats of other breeds, but there are some peculiarities. For example, for an Ocicat, it is recommended to purchase or build a spacious aviary with climbing devices. Inside, there should also be a shelter from the weather and a bowl of water. The house should also have climbing devices (split-level shelves, wooden "paths" on the walls, imitation of trees, etc.), although they are unlikely to be bought, but they can be ordered or made by yourself.

Ocicat, photo cat picture
Ocicat, photo cat picture

To keep the Ocicat from getting bored, he needs toys. It is recommended to purchase for them at least two soft toys, a ball and a rope toy that can be placed on a scratching post. It is advisable to purchase or craft a scratching post in the form of a pillar, the height of which is 1 meter or more, with a platform at the top, and it is best to buy a cat complex for your pet (house + scratching posts + multilevel platforms + toy).

To feed the Ocicat, you will need several medium-sized ceramic or porcelain bowls. It is better to refuse plastic bowls, as they quickly deteriorate. For water, the bowl should be high, preferably ceramic. Deep "ponds" for Ocicat take priority over flat puddles. If possible, buy a cat fountain instead of a water bowl.

When choosing a toilet (tray) for an Ocicat, you should be guided by the recommendations of the breeder (which tray he had), but in general, you can purchase a cat litter of any configuration, the main thing is to let the pet understand what to do with this item. The use of litter is at the discretion of the cat owner, but if used, a scoop will be required to clean it. Modern cat toilets with reusable cassettes are remarkable in all respects (except for cost).

Walking accessories will be necessary for the Ocicat if they walk with him.

For travel and veterinary visits, you will need a carrier that fits an adult Ocicat. There are various useful accessories for carriers, such as a winter case. On long trips, it is advisable to spread disposable diapers for animals at the bottom.

Also, for the maintenance of this breed, accessories are needed to provide full care for the pet. In addition, it is recommended to have a veterinary first aid kit in the house. You can assemble it yourself or buy it ready-made at a veterinary pharmacy or order it online.

Authors: wolchonokW7, Gurieva S.

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