Feeding Siamese Cats

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Feeding Siamese Cats
Feeding Siamese Cats

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How to feed a Siamese cat?

Siamese cats do not need any special diet, the main thing is that the diet is balanced. If the owner can provide such food to the Siamese cat using natural products, then ready-made food can be omitted. But most professional breeders, when composing a diet for their pets, take as a basis ready-made industrial feeds of the highest quality (super premium class). Finished food can be either wet or dry. You can feed Siamese cats only one ready-made food, but only if it is complete and of high quality.

Premium food is more suitable as the main food for mixed feeding. It is usually given to cats in the morning (with three meals a day for adult animals also at lunchtime), and in the evening - natural products. Economy food is not suitable for feeding Siamese. When feeding with premium food, it is advisable to add vitamin and mineral complexes to the diet. Super premium food already contains all the necessary trace elements necessary for cats, and if the manufacturer's recommendations for daily consumption of the food are followed, no additional feeding is usually required.

Siamese cat, siam, photo photography
Siamese cat, siam, photo photography

It is recommended to purchase ready-made food specially designed for Siamese cats, as well as to take into account the age labeling (food for cats from 1 to 10 years old, for juniors, for elderly cats, for kittens, etc.). In addition, it is necessary to select food according to the cat's lifestyle (for active cats, for domestic cats, and so on) and health characteristics (for cats with sensitive digestion, for neutered / neutered cats, for pregnant cats, and others).

The amount of feed in one portion is selected individually. As a basis, you should take the recommendations of the manufacturers of the finished feed used, indicated on the packaging, and adjust them as necessary.

We should also dwell on natural products.Feeding Siamese cats natural food does NOT involve feeding anything in the refrigerator. Natural foods must be processed or prepared specifically for the cat. If it is meat, then it should be lean, cut into small pieces, without bones. If these are cereals, then the cereals used should be coarsely ground and free of large amounts of gluten (fiber). In addition to meat, cereals are added by-products, vegetable oil and vegetables. No spices, salt or sugar. Siamese porridge should always be fresh. Fermented milk products are healthy, but they shouldn't contain sugar. Milk is not recommended for adult cats, as their body does not absorb lactose. Eggs can be given in any form, but the white should be separated and only the yolk given (no more than twice a week). Fish is generally not recommended,but still, no more than twice a week, it can still be replaced with meat, and only on condition that it is a good quality sea fish without bones. It is useful to include vegetables and greens in the diet with a mixed and natural type of feeding, but you should not abuse them, it is not advisable to give legumes and beets.

It is recommended to give sprouted wheat and oats as vitamin supplements

It is very important that the water in the cat bowl is always fresh and clean. Or buy your kitty a special fountain for cats. In such a fountain, the water stays clean for a long time thanks to the built-in filters.

Siamese cat, or siam
Siamese cat, or siam

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How often to feed a Siamese cat?

Breeders' recommendations for the number of feedings per day vary. Most often, adult Siamese cats are advised to feed 2 (3) times a day. Teenagers (from 5 months to 1 year old) are fed, as a rule, 3-4 times a day. Siamese kittens between the ages of 1.5 and 5 months are recommended to be fed up to 5 times a day.

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