American Curl Breed Standard According To CFA

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American Curl Breed Standard According To CFA
American Curl Breed Standard According To CFA

Video: American Curl Breed Standard According To CFA

Video: American Curl Breed Standard According To CFA
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Overall Impression: The American Curl is a well balanced cat of medium size, slender rather than massive. Female representatives weigh from 3 to 5 kg, seals 5 to 7 kg. Proportion and balance are more important than size. Cats have the typical characteristics of males - large cheeks and a wider forehead, etc. The temperament is cheerful, active, gentle.


Shape: wedge without sharp corners. All transitions are smooth, rounded.

Vibris pillows are round, without pinch.

Profile: Nose, of moderate length and straight, with a slight rise from the base of the eyes to the forehead, a gentle curve towards the top of the head, a smooth occiput that merges evenly into the neck.

Size: in proportion to the body.

Chin: Strong.

Straight or scissor bite.

American Curl, cat breed photo picture picture
American Curl, cat breed photo picture picture

American Curl Sinie Glazki Ilona from "Exclusive Cats" cattery


Wrap angle: minimum 90 degrees, but not more than 180 degrees. Resistant cartilage from the base of the ear to at least 1/3 of the height.

Shape: Broad at base and open, curving backward in a gentle arc when viewed from the front. The tips are round and flexible.

Size: Moderately large.

Placement: upright, not very low.

Hair tufts: desirable.

Note: When looking at the ears from behind, imaginary lines drawn from the middle of the tip of the ear should converge at the center point of the base of the skull.


Shape: walnut, elongated oval.

Set on: Set slightly obliquely, in line between base of ear and top of nose. The distance between the eyes is equal to the size of the eye.

Size: Moderately large.

Color: clear, shiny, has nothing to do with coat color, except for blue eyes, required in color-point color.


Shape: rectangle, the length of which is equal to two heights at the withers (shoulder). The chest is firm and straight.

Size: medium. Cats are somewhat larger than cats.

Feet: In proportion to the body, set straight when viewed from the front or rear. Feet: rounded.

Neck: Strong.

Muscles: moderate, flexible body.

Condition: well-fed, but not fat. Elegant but not subtle.

Tail: flexible, wide at the base, pointed towards the end; equal to body length.

American curl, photo photography
American curl, photo photography

Coat and color:

Semi-long-haired group: delicate, silky, semi-adherent. The rest is minimal. The collar and tail are richly pubescent. Color - all described colors.

Short-haired group: soft, silky, shiny, semi-adherent, elastic without a dense undercoat, the rest is minimal. The length is short. Color - all described colors.


Ears: Set low; a sharp change in the direction of the bend, without a smooth curve; set too high, tilted to the sides, grooved edge of the ear. Sharp ear tip.

Body: thin or oppositely short and squat. Excessive size.

Nose: deep stop.

Coat: in the semi-long-haired group - too thick undercoat; severe ost; rough or wadded texture.

In the short-haired group - heavy ost, coarse texture; dense undercoat or long length.

American curl
American curl

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Extremely strong ear curvature in adult animals when the tip touches the back of the ear or head.

Virtually no bending of the ear.

Thick, calcified ears.

Lack of stable cartilage at the base of the ear.

Tail defects.