Kurilian Bobtail Breed Standards (CFA, WCF)

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Kurilian Bobtail Breed Standards (CFA, WCF)
Kurilian Bobtail Breed Standards (CFA, WCF)

Video: Kurilian Bobtail Breed Standards (CFA, WCF)

Video: Kurilian Bobtail Breed Standards (CFA, WCF)
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WCF Kurilian Bobtail Standard

General characteristics: the Kurilian Bobtail is a medium-sized, muscular cat with a compact strong body and a clear contour of the body with a smoothly raised croup.

Head: In proportion to the body, in the form of an equilateral triangle of rounded lines. Forehead with a slight transition to the nose, low cheekbones, full cheeks. The nose is of medium length, straight and rather broad. The chin is not wide and strong.

Ears: of medium size, set high and wide apart, slightly tilted forward. The tips are wide apart and rounded, well pubescent, with brushes.

Eyes: Medium size, almond-shaped, set slightly obliquely, neither protruding nor sunken, corresponding to color or all shades of yellow-green.

Kurilian Bobtail, cat photo
Kurilian Bobtail, cat photo

Type: strong, massive.

Body: Medium size, strong, muscular, strong but not coarse.

Extremities: not long, hind legs are much longer, without disharmony of the front and hind legs. Paws are round, small, wide.

Tail: short, visible length 5-13 cm, in the form of a "bob" or "pompom", "spiral", perfectly pubescent. The tail consists of 2 to 10 vertebrae, numerously broken in any direction. Any degree of mobility. During the examination, the number of vertebrae, the number of creases, their mobility and the apparent length of the tail are indicated.


short variation: short, fine, undercoat visible, dense. Coat length increases in the lower and back of the body;

in the semi-long-haired variation: long and medium length, thin. The undercoat is noticeable, dense. An excellent decorating hair. The length of the coat increases in the lower and back of the body. The tail is significantly downy. The collar is noticeable.

The short-haired and semi-long-haired variations are examined separately.

Colors: any, except for color-point, Abyssinian and their combination with white. All agouti and bicolor are preferred. Eye color matches color.

Condition: meets general requirements.

Possible disadvantages:

- heavy type, long light body, Japanese bobtail type, narrow, long, light head, high cheekbones, long nose;

- bulging, round, sunken eyes, large, pointed, "eastern" ears, set back; significantly shortened forelimbs;

- a long, slightly pubescent tail, the effect of a "pushed back bobtail";

- "dry", short hair, without undercoat, "Persian" or "oriental" type.

Note: crossings with other breeds are prohibited. In the beginner class, proof of import from the Kuril Islands is required.

Kurilian Bobtail, cat photo
Kurilian Bobtail, cat photo

CFA Kurilian Bobtail Standard

General appearance: the Kurilian bobtail is graceful, harmonious.

The body is muscular, but not massive, of medium size, the bone is well expressed.

The tail is short, in the form of a pompom. Its length should not exceed 5-7.5 centimeters. The hair on the tail is longer and thicker than on the body. The legs are high, the hind legs are somewhat longer than the front ones. Feet should not give the impression of being fragile.

The head is proportional, with clear lines. Has the shape of an isosceles triangle.

Kurilian Bobtail
Kurilian Bobtail

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The ears are large. They are located at a sufficiently large distance from each other, but without weight. In the normal state, they have a slight forward inclination.

The eyes are large, almond-shaped, lively. Any eye color is allowed.

The coat is of medium length, soft, without undercoat. Molting is practically absent.

The color of the Kurilian Bobtail is preferable tricolor, which is formed by spots of red, white and black. The harmony of the location of the spots is considered by experts separately. One of the colors is usually dominant. Contrasting transitions are desirable between individual colors. "Siamese" color is not allowed.