Persian Cat: Grooming Hair, Eyes, Ears, Claws And Teeth

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Persian Cat: Grooming Hair, Eyes, Ears, Claws And Teeth
Persian Cat: Grooming Hair, Eyes, Ears, Claws And Teeth

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How to care for a Persian cat's coat?

The coat of Persian cats is thick, long and thin. She is prone to felting and mats. However, opinions on how to avoid them vary. Some owners prefer to comb the Persians every day and rarely bathe (once every 4-6 months), while others wash their pets once a month. In this regard, every owner of a Persian cat must choose a grooming system for himself and adhere to it throughout the cat's life. If you start a pet, tangles are formed, which can only be removed with scissors.

Experts do not recommend using a slicker, despite the presence of a thick undercoat in Persian cats. This is due to the fact that the hairs of the undercoat are slowly recovering, as is the hair on the tail, which is generally not recommended to comb.

Persian cat haircut, photo photography
Persian cat haircut, photo photography

Before brushing a Persian cat, you need to prepare the necessary accessories (see below) . Combing begins with a sparse comb with rounded teeth so as not to scratch the cat's skin. Plastic combs are unacceptable, as they generate static electricity and cause discomfort to your pet.

Persian cats are combed, starting from the head, moving along the back to the tail, without touching it unless absolutely necessary, then moving to the chest, abdomen and ending with the paws. Then the sparse comb is changed to a natural bristle brush, and the same manipulations are performed. You can buy a brush at a pet store or use a regular clothes brush. Artificial bristles also electrify the coat. After brushing, it is recommended to apply a conditioner spray, lightly spraying it from a distance of about 20 cm. It is advisable to apply an antistatic spray once a week.

During the molting period of the Persian cat, bathing and combing should be given more time and effort.

Do not forget to regularly give your pet a paste to remove hair from the stomach. Check the cat's tail and anus daily for stuck stool. Stuck or dried faeces can be removed with wet baby wipes.

How should you bathe a Persian cat, and how often?

Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the muzzle, Persians are worse than other cat breeds adapted to self-care. Depending on the type of coat and the grooming system, you can bathe a Persian cat once a month or 2-3 times a year. To do this, take no more than 10 cm of warm water (+ 38-40 ° C) into the bath, spread a towel or rubber mat on the bottom, prepare everything you need for bathing, prepare the cat (put cotton wool in the ears, drip eyes if necessary). Instead of a bath, you can use a basin with high sides.

It is best to wash the cat together. It is strictly forbidden to use human shampoos. For bathing Persian cats, only special shampoos for long-haired cats are suitable, for example, with medicinal herbs or seaweed. For black Persians, tint shampoos are suitable.

Before using shampoo, cat hair must be degreased with dishwashing liquid. Then the Persian should be well soaped (except for the head) and rinsed thoroughly. Repeat this 1-2 more times. When lathering, special attention should be paid to the dirtiest areas: tail, paws and chin. If there is a need to wash your hair with shampoo, then you should first drop special eye drops into the eyes of the Persians. At the last rinse, it is important to make sure that the shampoo is completely rinsed out, as its residues will stick together the hairs very quickly when the coat dries.

Persian cat washing bathing, photo photography
Persian cat washing bathing, photo photography

The cat must then be dried with a bath towel. On a still wet coat, it is advisable to apply grooming powder and wait for a while (5-7 minutes). Then dry the wool with a hair dryer. The end of bathing should always be a standard brushing (see paragraph "how to care for the coat"). 2-3 hours after washing, it is recommended to use an antistatic spray.

Important: after vaccination, Persians can only be washed after 2 weeks

How to care for the teeth, ears, eyes and claws of a Persian cat?

Teeth. Yellow plaque on the teeth is a cosmetic defect and the lesser of the dental problems that can lie in wait for Persian cats. Dry food is a good prevention of dental problems. Also, pet stores offer a large assortment of special chewing toys that help clean your teeth. Because of the special structure of the skull and jaws, to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and caries, Persian cats need to brush their teeth as often as possible - at least once a week. To do this, use toothpastes and brushes designed for animals.

Ears. To care for the ears of a Persian cat, you must have cotton wool / cotton swabs (with restraints for newborns) and a wetting liquid (a special tool or any vegetable oil). Before cleaning, the cotton wool is moistened and squeezed to such an extent that the liquid does not run off or drip into the ear. Do not press strongly on the skin of the inner surface of the ear, as it is easily injured. Unpleasant sensations can trigger cat aggression. Under no circumstances should you brush deep in the ear canal, as this can cause serious hearing problems. There are special drops for deep cleaning. Cleaning your ears is recommended once a month or as soon as they become dirty(in the latter case, it is necessary to inspect them more often). In addition, for aesthetic purposes, it is recommended to trim the ear brushes. This simple manipulation visually makes the head of the Persian cat look larger and the ears smaller.

Eyes. Contrary to popular belief, not all Persian cats have profuse lacrimation. However, it is very important to keep an eye on your eyes. It is necessary to wipe the eyes every day, but not with cotton wool, since its fibers easily injure the eyes of the Persians, but with a soft cloth (with a low nap), paper or gauze. It is recommended to moisten the cloth in special drops or cool boiled water.

Persian cat eye care, photo photography
Persian cat eye care, photo photography

To keep the eyes of Persian cats always clear and shiny, it is advisable to treat the eyelids of cats with a weak solution of boric acid (no more than 0.3%) or use a special preparation "Optic gel". Eye tetracycline ointment helps to get rid of strong discharge from the eyes, including purulent ones. If the abundant discharge does not decrease over several days, despite the use of ointment and rinsing the eyes, you should contact your veterinarian.

Claws. Every Persian cat or cat should have a scratching post, but this is not enough for the claws to look beautiful and not cause inconvenience to the pet and its owners. Quite a lot of cat injuries are due to too long claws. Cutting the claws should be given special attention when the Persians are still very young, when the cats are inactive (sick, old), when there are several cats in the house and before the show.

The nails should be trimmed about 1-2 times a month. You don't have to cut all your nails in one day. If the cat is very nervous and struggles, you can stretch this procedure for 2-3 days. It is only necessary to cut with well-sharpened tools (clippers, nail clippers, guillotine tweezers). It is necessary to cut no more than 2 mm from one claw, only the transparent part and only evenly. If you cut it obliquely, then the effect will be the opposite - the claws will be sharper than before.

Persian cat
Persian cat

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What kind of Persian cat grooming products should you buy?

For standard Persian cat grooming you will need:

- a simple metal comb with rounded, sparse teeth, - a natural bristle brush, - regular scissors for cutting hair, - a conditioner spray for forcing fur during the seasonal shedding period, - an antistatic spray, - a soft cloth or paper towels (for eye care), - cotton wool, cotton swabs with stops, - ear cleaner, - eye care product, - nail clipper or other tool for cutting nails, - bath towels (2-3 pcs), - shampoo for long-haired cats, - grooming powder, - dishwashing liquid, - hair dryer, - toothbrush and tube of animal toothpaste.

To take care of show-class cats and prepare them for the show, additional means and care items will be required.

Authors: wolchonokW7, Gurieva S.

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